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America's clone war! JULY 29TH RICHMOND INDIANA

The year is 2145. The United States have conquered every known enemy near and in distant planets. Now they must fight themselves. The President has cleared the way for a clone army to be made with alien enhanced DNA and to replace the current "normal" humans. The reasons are unclear and appear to be motivated by jealousy of the now popular and national hero John Dax. With elections running in the commanders favor, the President plots to kill the commander by declaring a war in a far off planet sending the commander and his men to certain doom. When Dax out of running the President moves in the clone troopers and declares war on allies for supreme power. Traitors on the clone army side inform the commander of the plot and he escapes the massacre of his army and regroups his remaining men and sets out to stop this new threat to America and their allies and way of life......

This is the story line behind the scenario we are hosting with the help of The Predator Zone. Lauchers, smoke bombs, smoke gernades, and other paintball mil sim products will be allowed!

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