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im not zvonee.

and its been silence for 5 minutes since the last message sent.

Zvonnee: if i had a vette i'd pass you at 200
Zvonnee: just because its a vw
Chau: makes me wonder how he got a vette
Zvonnee: why would you wonder
Chau: i want one :p
Zvonnee: some people are successful by the time they're 25.
Chau: shiyat
Zvonnee: don't
Zvonnee: for the love of god
Chau: :p
Zvonnee: you'll ruin it's image
Chau: im gonna get a 350 maybe
Zvonnee: no
Chau: yes
Chau: shh
Zvonnee: dont get anything more than a 4 banger
Chau: no
Chau: shh
Zvonnee: i dont want you ruining the car's image
Chau: shh
Chau: you wnat me runing your image
Chau: shh
Zvonnee: what the **** are you yammering about
Zvonnee: im just telling you to stick with four bangers
Zvonnee: cause asians shouldnt drive anything with more than that many cylidners
Zvonnee: youll crash
Chau: sure
Zvonnee: youll crash
Chau: my dad hasnt crashed yet
Chau: ever
Chau: 0 accidents
Zvonnee: yes he has
Chau: no he hasnt
Chau: wtf you talkinga bout
Zvonnee: ok then
Zvonnee: he caused 50
Zvonnee: you may not get into any accidents
Zvonnee: but youll cause one everytime you get behind the wheel
Chau: not my fault
Zvonnee: its a proven fact
Zvonnee: its your fault directly
Zvonnee: i can prove it using math
Chau: sure
Chau: do it
Chau: DO IT
Chau: prove it using math
Chau: !
Zvonnee: k: kevin
c: car
a: accident
Chau: -_-
Zvonnee: i think that's just pwntgage.
Chau: prove how
Zvonnee: its not even spelled right
Chau: k= k+c
Zvonnee: io jsut did
Zvonnee: k+c=a
Chau: co does that mean
Chau: a-k=c?
Chau: or
Chau: a-c=k?>
Zvonnee: it just means k+c=a
Chau: thats not math then
Chau: thats just
Zvonnee: or c+k=a
Zvonnee: that's just shut the hell up asian
Chau: haha
Chau: pwnt
Chau: :p
Zvonnee: pwntage again
Chau: you cant finish your own math
Zvonnee: you never pwn me
Zvonnee: i dont finish anything
Zvonnee: but i can drive :)
Chau: stop trying to imitate girls=evil
Chau: that one actually makes sense
Chau: yorus dosent
Zvonnee: im not imitating
Zvonnee: im saying that kevin+car=accident
Zvonnee: invariably, it ends up being caused directly by you getting behind the wheel of a car
Chau: wtf
Chau: invariably?
Zvonnee: regardless.
Chau: sure
Zvonnee: opposite.
Zvonnee: other synonyms
Zvonnee: throw whichever one yu want to use and make it work with some grammar twisting
Chau: ....
Chau: im sure you've caused more accidents than i ahve
Zvonnee: no
Zvonnee: see, i'm european
Chau: see
Zvonnee: we're known as great drives
Chau: you are european
Zvonnee: great drivers
Chau: look at
Chau: people who drive on the autobahn
Chau: if they come to the usa
Zvonnee: no accidents
Chau: they will cuase an accident
Zvonnee: i doubt that
Chau: i dont
Zvonnee: considering you need to go to school
Zvonnee: and get a license
Chau: yea and
Zvonnee: to drive on autobahn
Chau: ?
Chau: people dont drive
Zvonnee: which means that if they get a license
Chau: 40 on the autobahn
Zvonnee: to drive on the autobahn
Zvonnee: they'll have the common sense to stay the speed limit
Zvonnee: they drive fast on the autobahn because there IS no speed limit
Chau: yes
Chau: and because
Chau: there is not car
Zvonnee: kevin youre just a bad driver
Chau: no
Chau: prove it
Zvonnee: you're such a bad driver
Zvonnee: you're asian
Chau: prove that i am a bad driver
Zvonnee: you can't drive worth ****
Zvonnee: aside from stereotypes
Chau: do you have
Zvonnee: i dont need any other proof
Chau: anything aside of steroe topes
Zvonnee: what more do i need?
Chau: things
Zvonnee: nothing.
Zvonnee: because stereotypes work
Chau: other than stereo types
Zvonnee: thats why they're stereotypes
Zvonnee: they fit the MAJORITY
Zvonnee: you can be the BEST driver on earth
Zvonnee: no one would care or notice because you're asian
Zvonnee: when i say asian i don't mean japanese
Zvonnee: to help save lives
Zvonnee: all you need to do is stick w/ 4 bangers
Zvonnee: nothing more. it'd be a great favor to everyone around you
Zvonnee: this doesn't prove anything
Zvonnee: it's for lots of deaths
Zvonnee: and per mile driven
Zvonnee: asians are the worst drivers.
Chau: find a page
Chau: a legit page
Chau: that proves it
Zvonnee: are you asian?
Zvonnee: then you're a bad driver
Zvonnee: i dont need to prove anything
Chau: you arent proving anythign
Zvonnee: i am
Chau: yes you do
Zvonnee: im using stereotypes
Chau: thats not a legit reason
Zvonnee: the reason they're stereotypes is because they're for the most part true
Chau: herte
Chau: let me ask you this
Chau: simple
Chau: yes or no question
Zvonnee: why are you deviating from the question at hand?
Zvonnee: why are you poking my credibility
Zvonnee: that's a blog
Zvonnee: im not even gonna look at it
Chau: not blog
Chau: look again
Zvonnee: looks stupid long and boring, not reading it
Chau: because im right
Zvonnee: you're not right
Chau: im
Zvonnee: until you can disprove a stereotype
Chau: righter than you at the moment
Zvonnee: you're not right
Zvonnee: and you're a bad driver
Chau: all you have
Zvonnee: you never are
Zvonnee: you never will be
Chau: are racial stereotypes
Zvonnee: unless you get an ethnicity change
Chau: use something else
Zvonnee: nothig wrong with a little racial stereotyping now and then
Zvonnee: why
Chau: ok
Chau: i can say this
Zvonnee: stereotypes work
Chau: you are american
Chau: you suck at driving
Zvonnee: i'm european
Chau: all americans suck at driving
Chau: no
Zvonnee: filthy european
Chau: you live in america
Chau: learned to drive in america
Zvonnee: i was BORN in europe
Zvonnee: i spent half my life IN EUROPE
Chau: and
Chau: you drive in america
Chau: yes
Zvonnee: as do you.
Chau: but did you learn to drive in europe?
Chau: no
Zvonnee: so effectively
Zvonnee: yes i did
Chau: prove it
Zvonnee: when i was 7
Chau: can you?
Chau: no you cannot
Chau: i can say
Chau: you lived in europe
Chau: you were poor
Chau: you lived in poor europe
Chau: do you like racial sterotypes now?
Zvonnee: what the ****
Zvonnee: i lived in croatia
Zvonnee: croatia is by no means poor
Chau: croatia=industrial
Chau: industrial=poor
Chau: europe=poor
Zvonnee: my dad == rich
Chau: 75% or europeans
Zvonnee: he's rich here
Chau: are poor
Zvonnee: he was rich there
Chau: does your dad want you now?
Chau: he wouldnt want to see you
Chau: if he didnt have to pay child support
Zvonnee: i'm moving in with him
Zvonnee: in 3 months.
Zvonnee: his idea
Chau: do it
Chau: DO IT
Zvonnee: sure, let me get my time machine
Zvonnee: i already did
Chau: in 3 months
Chau: i want you to
Chau: come to me and say
Zvonnee: 1. i learned on a 95 bmw 325i
Chau: I WIN
Chau: do you have pictures?
Zvonnee: 2. it was a stick shift, so i killed 2 birds with one stone
Chau: do you have written proof?
Chau: no
Chau: you dont
Zvonnee: do you have written proof that you don't suck ass at driving?
Zvonnee: didn't think so either.
Chau: exactly
Chau: nobody
Chau: has proof
Chau: therefore
Chau: no one wins
Zvonnee: but i k now youre asian
Zvonnee: form looking at you
Chau: but
Chau: i know you are european
Zvonnee: and inherently, you're a worse driver than me
Chau: you are poor
Zvonnee: sure, you can stereotype me as being poor
Zvonnee: but at least i'm not a bad driver
Chau: what does that have to do with life?
Chau: your criticism
Zvonnee: and ultimately, driving skills are what really matter
Chau: is based on 2 things
Chau: driving
Chau: and race
Chau: prove something else using racial stereotyping
Chau: wait
Chau: because
Chau: racial stereotyping is
Chau: based on race
Chau: why dont you use geographical location for once?
Chau: like say
Chau: people in cali get into more accidnets than WA
Chau: or
Chau: there are more hispanic homocides in CA
Chau: than WA
Zvonnee: and i've won
Zvonnee: in fact, even if i ended up losing (which i never do)
Chau: i finished with a question
Chau: really
Zvonnee: i'd still win because; i'm a great driver
Chau: can you prove that
Chau: ?
Chau: can you prove that you are a better driver?

Its never lupus
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**** stereotypeds. All I know is that black jewish midgets are Hardworking criminals who are good with money, have big noses, and can't see above the dash when they do drivebys.

In all seriousness, stereotypes are just ignorant generalizations.
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