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Boss Company is putting on their first ever scenario game at Boss Paintball in Locust, NC on June 12th.

an-Naksah, or "the setback," is often what the Six Day war between Israel and the Egyptian-led coalition of Syria, Jordan, and Iraq is called by the Arabs.

The Boss Game will feature advanced rules, awesome firefights, engaging game play. All on the best field in the Charlotte area.

Did I mention the prizes? an Ego 10 will be raffled away, tickets are just $5. And unlike other games, instead of the little piece of paper saying your team is the "Most Valuable" we will have trophies that will declare that fact with certainty. The Most Valuable Players get TM15s, just for doing a good job. There will also be a prize drawing for all kinds of paintball equipment given away EVERY HOUR.

Have a tank? You armor and crew can get in for cheap, just call us at the shop. 704-784-4365

More info can be found here: http://mscenarios.wo...ball-june-12th/[/QUOTE'>"]http://mscenarios.wo...ball-june-12th/
Sides are starting to line up for this epic battle…
Section 8 (
Has agreed to fight for the Underdog Egyptian/Syrian side

Any Teams Interested in being on the Egyptian side please pm me…Whatever your play style or desired role…we will fit you in the plan…If you want to just go paint faces…or run missions or take back territory… Great, that's exactly what you'll do on this side

Any Players not on Team If you like we will contact a team in your area so you have someone to run with at the game and who knows maybe join someday…If you would like
If your more comfortable just playing we can accommodate that as well and simply steer you to the hot spots where the action is… or crucial areas for you to be sneaky/sneaky in...if that's more your style…we just wanna help you be involved in the game as much as you want, and maximize your fun!

Either way The Egyptians need and want help...we need paint ballers!!!

Its more fun being the bad guys and underdogs anyway....hehehe

If interested pm me or post here
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