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angel 4 vs. fly

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well you heard me!!!!!!!!!
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ACE and smaller body are really the only differences
fly got a eye
thx for restateing what I just said ;)
Fly definetly...the a4 is nice but i like the fly...or u can always get a FORCE4FLY from the MT's ...can u say sexy!
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too bad only 50 were made huh? atleast the last I heard
only 50 ? really? i never heard that...might be true but i dunno....there selling them at the web site ( dont know if i can list it here)
Actually its 50 of each color so there's a total of 150 Force FLY's.
I knew 50 was a number in there somewhere
the a4 fly is a lot nicer then the A4. 3 guys from ginxed (a team i play with every sunday) have them and they are faster and more reliable (choping wise) then the fly. the only thing is, they seem to ramp A LOT more. this problem can be fixed my putting a stiffer microswitch in. atleast it worked on dave's fly :)
hey ive seen ginxd, they were at the tournemnet at ASI back in november the one player (derrick) works at paintball ohio

and are u sayin the A4 is more reliable(chop wise) then the fly? cuz the fly is the one with the ACE and the A4 uses COPS
cops sucks, lol. r u talking about paintball ohio in parma? cuz i go there all the time and there is nobody named derrick there and i am almost positive there is no derrick on ginxed anymore. where do u play? i practice at splat most of the time. i want to quit my team and play for splat amature (i feel out of place w/ my guys). to bad asi closed :(

edit: opps. i ment to say the fly is more reliable, cuz cops blows dong (i thought it used sensi, equally ****ty system)
yeah I was like wtf hungry?!! yeah he works at the columbus store, might be a different team, I didnt know asi closed down your talkin about the one right up off of integrity drive right? I usually go to splatterpark right up off 71
yea, asi closed a month or 2 ago. i was like WTF! that place was awesome. i have been to splatter park befor. nice place. u should come up to splat some time, its in canal fulton. not to long of a drive. a few guys from ginxed and i think one or 2 from pollution are from columbus

edit: sorry to hijak your thread bro. i'll keep it in the PM's.

also, i will be writing a review on the A4 fly in the near future to help you guys out.
im confused, are you guys sayin that the fly, the a4 fly, and the force fly are all different guns?
Get the force fly. 3 master techs that work for force angel and run live in my city. 2 of them work at my shop. I know them personally and I can say these gats rip. Well i'm out...peace.

titocampos1990 said:
im confused, are you guys sayin that the fly, the a4 fly, and the force fly are all different guns?
no, the only guns were talkin about are the A4, the A4 Fly (usually people just say fly) and the master tech fly.
whats the master tech fly? is that the force fly?

Yes the MT Fly and the force fly are the same thing

The Master Techs are what make up the Angel Force
We use the a4 Flys and they are some pimp guns. Since I got it my NYX only gets use from the people who need to use a gun. The MT Force Flys has some better things like valve and more modes and lifetime warranty. As for ramping it can be cured by the tr setting or stiffing up the leaf. Derrek used to ball with us, but we kinda went in diffrent directions.
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