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im selling my A1, which is a VERY nice gun. i feel like 3 years has been enough and i want to move on to something new. iv never had a problem with this gun, and everything on it is stock. i only have 11467 shots registered on it, because im more of a recreational player. it will come in its original box, complete with manual, lube, spare o-rings, allen wrench kit, front barrel and 3 barrel backings (sizes .693, .695 and .691). here are some of the features it has;
-adjustable on/off ASA
- configured for 4500psi lp tank
- Angel eyes
- LCD display screen with navigation switch
- easily accessible bolt
- Modes;
semi auto, NPPL, PSP, millenium, xball/NXL, COFA, full auto, demo, custom semi, breakout, soft/hard breakout, ramp

im having trouble uploading pictures, so if you want some, email me at [email protected] and ill send you some. ill be willing to negotiate on price too. im guna start at about $250, since new ones go for about $450
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