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Angel For trade
hello everyone, I have a 2k1 pewter dark angel like the title says, supposely there are only 50 of these colored angels, if I'm wrong on that I apologize. Im mainly looking to trade and here are the specs of the gun.

- cobra back plate
- CP volumizers
- Clear Dye Sticky grips
- magnetic double trigger
- 12 inch Ramrod barrel(and maybe 12 inch freak barrel with gold insert, look at pic for the freak barrel)

- clamping feedneck, sorry cant remember the company
- WDP Angel Soft Face bolt
- CP micro drop (blue)
- system-x chrome on/off valve

Trades I'm looking for:
- Emags
heres the pic

(tank and revy are not included)

Sorry can't get the pic up talk to me at my aim- whoatemycookie7
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