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Ambush Alpha is proud to announce that they have signed on with 2 new sponsors for 2007.

WDP Angel (NEW 2007): Ambush Alpha will begin using the new Angel1 for the 2007 season. These markers will hit the scene at our first event Feb 10th at Strategy Plus. You will also start to see us wearing the new 2007 speedball pants in April. We are proud to sign with such a high quality speedball marker company and look forward to a long relationship with WDP.

BT (2006-2007 sponsor): BT will remain with us. Ambush Alpha is still proudly sponsored by BT and will continue our great relationship in 2007. It will be a great pleasure having the best scenario milsim marker (BT) and the best speedball marker (WDP Angel) in our arsenal.

Engler Custom Paintball Guns (NEW 2007): Ambush Alpha is also very excited to start our sponsorship with Engler Custom Paintball Guns. The best custom markers in the industry. These are the real deal, real gun parts retro fitted to paintball markers. Be on the look out for a new Heavy Machine Gun that Ambush Alpha will be using in 2007.

Ambush Alpha would also like to thank the support of our 2006 sponsors that will be sponsoring us again in 2007.

AADS (Ambush Alpha Design Specialties) - Custom Graphics / Promo Items
APP - Packs / Pods
BT - Scenario Markers
Cops 911 - Vests / Misc.
EMR - Paintball Field
Energy Paintball - Batteries
Fire Fox - Throat Mics
Guerrilla Air - NEW Myth Regulator (ONLY 3/4" tall)
Hoo-Ahhs - Field Wipes
HP - Headwraps
Hype - Energy Drinks
P&D Ordnance - Grenades / Mines
Ricochet - Hoppers
Scott - Goggles / Hydro Packs / Gloves

We would also like to thank;

PIMP Magic
Pyro Paintball
Lehigh Valley Paintball / GPL
Strategy Plus
Paintball Sports
Paintball News
Snapshot Media
Celldweller Music
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