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Another gun under 200 question

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basically looking for a gun under $200 that meets the following.

range and accuracy.

plus the option to upgrade or modify.

Something that more or less will take a beating and work well in the dust, dirt and hot weather.

easy maintenance.
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uummm.. yes.. this my first gun... I took my son this past weekend & so I'm actually look for a pair... I have gone one other time.. I'd like to go more but damn if I play with another rental POS...

What about those Dragun TES... like in that other post.. I looked at those... they look nice and i can get one off the internet for about $150..

Also I "overheard" some differences between compressed and CO2 I'd rather go with the compressed based on what I heard... Opinions? I'd rather have something that can last a long time vs other factors.... so if that nixes the compressed fine...

re: tippmans... I'd rather not use em... that's what I rented and I was extermely disappointed... Both my son and I had to get new markers half way through the day... miss fires, broken bolts, trigger jams... screw that...
1 - 2 of 32 Posts
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