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Another gun under 200 question

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basically looking for a gun under $200 that meets the following.

range and accuracy.

plus the option to upgrade or modify.

Something that more or less will take a beating and work well in the dust, dirt and hot weather.

easy maintenance.
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Johnny_Fred said:
Autocockers usually require high maintenance


All the maintenance a cocker needs is a few drops of oil in the ASA after a days play, and wiping down the body and the bolt. Cockers rarely come out of timing. I know several people that have had their cockers since 2000 and haven't timed it since they first got it.

My second gun was a cocker, and even then I was a newb. It was good until I let someone touch it, that shouldn't have touched it.:(

As for e-hoppers, DEFINATLY get an old-school Revolution. They will last forever. I swear, cockroaches and these will be the only thing to survive a nuclear blast. I would give a link to some but since they are on another forum I can't. I will PM you with links to the forsale threads. I have an oldschool revvy for my cocker and I love it, it's a piece of artwork.

1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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