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I recently just bought a shiny rebuilt E6500 (well, it's shiny after I spend a few $$ fully refurbing it), and so am selling off the one I was using.

I'm willing to sell with:
Blank Drive
Windows 7 Professional 32-bit
Debian Squeeze 64-bit (either base install or a "my style" KDE desktop)
Debian Wheezy 64-bit (again, base or "my style", which on wheezy includes the Experimental repo because I'm tired of KDE 4.4)
OpenSuse 11.4 64-bit
Arch Linux 64-bit (either base or "my style" KDE desktop)
Kubuntu 11.04 64-bit

Regardless, it will come with Windows 7 DVD & cd's for Roxio and Power DVD (comes with it and I have no use to keep them)

In great shape. Dell Latitude D630. Intel Core 2 Duo T7250 (2.0 GHz, 4 MB cache), 2 GB ram, Intel graphics, 1440x900 resolution, Broadcom 4311 wifi (802.11 B/G), DVD/CD-R/RW drive, 80 GB hard drive. Comes with a stock 6-cell battery that still holds a good charge. Also comes with the 4-cell expansion bay battery that swaps out with the optical drive. And of course, 90-watt power supply. $220 shipped to continental US. Willing to ship outside, but shipping is more.

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