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ans gx-4 cocker package f/s/t

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ans gx-4 cocker package f/s/t PRICE DROPPED

i have a blue gx-4 autoocker I want to sell or trade. I need the money to buy a rat so unfortunately seeing as how I could not come up with it on my own, I have to sell my gun. I love this gun, it has been awesome to me the short while that I have had it but beause of sponsorship reasons, I need to sell it.

it has:
ans pneus
ans x-2 in line reg (once set up it will give you about +/- 2fps)
ans quick pull pin.
stock barrel
14 inch all american
and 6+1

I have a 47/3000 but I want to hold on to it for my new gun.

I would like for trades any nice electros.
imps----not really---maybe----otb,WAS,or vision is a plus
private label imps----my gun is as good as yours----I would love a rat.
bushys----b2k3 or b2k4 only

have pics but don't know how to put them up. If someone could put them up for me. until then leave me your e-mail and I will send pics

PRICE DROP----------$450-$400 FOR EVERYTHING

thank you very much for looking
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up. These markers are sweet people.
thanks for the free up. are there still no offers????
how much
$550 for everything. lmk if your intrested
if anyone is intrested lmk and maybe we can work something out
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