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ANS GX3 Chaos Series Autococker, this gun is like new only used a few times. Polished Neon Green in color.

Features include: Unique Milling and Laser Engraving, ANS Quickfire 45 Grip Frame, Vertical Feed, ANS Rubber Grips, Jack Hammer Regulator, Stainless Steel Ram and rod, ANS Honed and Timed 3 Way Valve and Extended Front Block Screw, all professionally mounted on an ANS Gen X Front Block, ANS GenX Inline Regulator w/ Pressure Gauge, ANS Quick Pull Venturi Bolt, ANS Custom Back Block, ANS Custom Beavertail, ANS SS Cocking Rod, ANS N2 Hammer System, ANS XFV (Xreme Flow Valve) System. E-blade Ready!

Accessories: Custom Products Flame Drop Forward, Dye Stickies, New 12v Revvy with x board "clear", 2 New JT IZE Series mask 2 lenses "Clear Green" x2, 2 Charlton 68ci tanks, 1 pmi 45ci tank. Dye SS barrel 10", PMI Razzor barrel 12"NEW, ACI Zero Gravity barrel 14" NEW, System X barrel 14", 2 3a 2 piece barrels 12&14"NEW, Stock barrel. 1 case of Paint and 1 pod.

Email me for pics: [email protected]

$600.00 With Shipping for everything obo.

This was my cost.

GX-3 Autococker - $450.00
2 68ci Tanks - 425.00
45ci Tank - 125.00
12v Revvy - 70.00
JT Masks - 130.00
Aci Zero Gravity - 90.00
PMI Razor - 55.00
System X - 110.00
Dye SS - 100.00
Drop Forward - 40.00
Stickies - 20.00
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