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Hey im selling my ANS GXE to get a DM4.
have it set for 35.7 balls per sec!!!!!!
heres what its got....
Black to Gray polished GX3 body (was GX4 proto type)
ans e frame (black)
ans delron bolt (black)
ans qev's
ans drop forward (gray)
dye 03 sticky (Black)
14" JT 2 peice barrel (black front chrome back)
14" Dye boomstick (black and chrome)
Halo b with z board (black)
Cross fire 68/3000 steel tank (expired)
Jt flex 7 mask (black)
Unique pod pack (black)
ans back block and quick pull bolt combo (black)
ans hinge frame (black to gray fade)
ans front block (gray)
ans 3 way (gray)

Asking $1300 or trade for Black DM4 only!!
Email: [email protected]
S/N: DarkStarSk8er15 or BowTieBaby68
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