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i used to play until so many hacks started coming up.. i had these..

lvl 99 lance barb lance dmg was somewhere in mid 400's
lvl 99 s/sh barb s dmg 1 hand was somewhere near 220
lvl 99 lance barb
lvl 86 s/s barb

lvl 99 zoo necro
lvl 90 offensive necro

lvl 90 thornadin
lvl 86 hammerdin

lvl 76 orb sorc

few others chars i can't remember too well.. i didn't like the expansion pack too much, i had about 10 diff NAMES not characters, that i was using as mules, i had friends who also played and we shared mules as well.. my highest # of SOJ's was in the 90's

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Sweet chars. i got like a 85 mf/pvp sorc

a... 90 wf zon
a... few mules
more chars im working on...

Most SOJS i ever had was 45 i think...i LOVE that game! GO ON PEOPLE! :)

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I only play like a few times a week. I got a lvl 78 light/cold sorc. No sojs right now cuz I traded them all for stuff like shako, occy, que hagans, stuff like that. my account name is masq_redemption . If I'm on just msg me and we can play.

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I did, but it got boring.

lvl 95 barb.

frenzy 1259-4325
berserk 1501-5674
whirlwind 1209-4042

health 3568
mana 252


sword: 2 grandfathers w/ohm rune in both
helmet: Arreats face w/cham rune
armor: Arkaine's skin w/jah rune
gloves: venom grip
boots: waterwalk
belt: string of ears
amulet: saracen's chance
Entrophy finger and Chromatic ring of the Lamprey

yes he is legit, no hacks
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