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*civil war style is where you carry ammo and place it in your gun to shoot*

Note after playing once:
humans not able to run? Only speed walk?
zombies only headshots?
Die in place, reanimate after 10 sec?
flags hidden anywhere?


Playtime – 1 ½ hours (estimated!)
Teams – HUMANS/ ZoMbIeS!

either 1 starting zombie or small starting team of humans (more than 1 starting zombie). IF 1 starting Zombie, zombie gets special handicap + lots of marking tape, and maybe a big jacket?

handicaps: (one or more)
-headshots only
-fatal shots
-3 hit kill
-3 fatal

Humans – limited ammo(10-30)~~*maybe a hidden ammo supply at middle fort, civil war style

Normal Zombie – Killshots? They tag to kill

Superzombie (the “1” starting zombie as talked about above) – gets a handicap, same rules as other zombies apply

-retrive 4 flags (hidden by ref/non human)(SHOULD BE HIDDEN WELL)
-after all 4 flags are placed/retrieved, all remaining humans go to middle fort for evac, timer starts (Xmin)
-don’t GeT KiLlEd!!!1.1!!1

------- --------- ------------ ---------- --------- ---------- --------

-Don’t let humans finish their objectives



- A human cannot hold all 4 flags (unless he is last person alive)
-if you are human and get tagged by a zombie you are now a zombie (any physical contact)

-once a human is tagged they cannot give ammo

-only one human on top of the middle fort at a time (would be unfair for zombies)

-if you are the last human alive, you cannot go ontop of fort, and must be very near for the timer to count

-zombies aren’t allowed to use guns, so either you can return your gun or carry it with you (it would be easier to return your gun)

-zombies “respawn” in any 4 of the corner bases
(or die on ground and re animate after x time)
-zombies respawn instantly


RUNDOWN (if players need more clairification)

1st ref/non human places flags (care packages)(maybe ammo included)

2nd super zombie goes onto field, is given time to hide, prepare

3rd the Humans go onto the field and go to each base and retrieve the flags ****

4th the remaining humans make their way to the center base with all 4 flags

5th then when a ref has seen all 4 flags at the middle fort they start the timer (Xmin)

6th all remaining humans must survive Xmin

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good start. i run a civil war style game, have done some for almost a year. great format for any game with rules so good call.
i'm going to give you a little advice. my game changed so much after play testing it. after 6 games i think we finally have the final rules. just more playing, i know its hard to get buddies together.
you need 2 running zombies that are neutral in the middle. other 2 teams are opposing human survivors. they have to capture each other supplies. go from there, it's your game. good luck and way to be creative.

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I like the idea of this game. I happen to like zombie shows, etc. This would fit well. I also like the civil war style (reload after each shot) idea, which I think evens out for the unarmed zombies.

I'm dubious about enforcing headshot kills for the zombies. Seems that specifically trying to hit someone in the head with any projectile is a bad practice, even when wearing protective gear. I'd rather say they need to wear a "takedown" target on their chest.
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