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I have an Apex Elite that I would like to sell and I'm hoping one of you would be interested or be able to offer me some advice. I have no idea what it is worth and I'm not finding much online. Where would be the best place for me to try and sell it (Here, eBay etc) and what should I ask for it?

It is in very good shape and even though it is fairly old now it has probably only been used about 4 times.

I have:
Apex Elite
Original Squeegee
Original cleaning snake
Original air tank (added Velcro straps to hold the squeegee)
Extra spring, wrenches and O-rings
Original Manual
Original arm patch
Original sling
Original hopper
Extra capacity hopper
Daisy Electronic Point Sight
Muzzle break
Belt back with 2 tubes for additional paint

The gun: slight scratches on the barrel under the forend (pump handle) caused by normal wear.
The lid hinge on the extra capacity hopper is broken.
I still have some air in the tank and the gun appears to hold air and fire fine.

All of that being said, of course I’m selling it as is, no warranty implied, as far as I can tell everything looks perfect.

In trying not to break the rules of the forum, I would like to gete $200.

Thanks for your interest/help.


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I am in Alberta, Canada - $200 USD is a fair price for what is shown in the photo, if you can provide a rough quote to this location we can work out the particulars ( easiest method of payment, delivery location ).

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