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I've been using an Apex for years, long enough that the guys I play with have all pretty much gotten one by now, as they are tired of me nailing them from distances they can only dream about with a typical paintball gun and barrel. But, when set correctly it also really helps your accuracy even at shorter distances compared to a traditional stock barrel or even a high end two piece barrel.

Spinning the paintball makes a huge difference as the inconsistancies of ALL paint will cause your paintballs to fly all over when forced through a traditonal barrel and not spun. The spinning creates lift, and because of the rotation it reduces the impact of the high points in your paint. So you get more accurate shots.

But, if you are like me, you want to see video proof, as that is what really tells the story.

These tests were done consecutively, with NO alterations (other than changing the barrel) between each test. Then putting up a new target each time.

Paint was about 3 months old (Xball scenario woodsball from Dick's for $39.99 a case) and stored properly in a cool climate controlled area, (except when taken out for a game and put into pods 3X, but was put back in the bag after each game) 10 shots per barrel. This is my same A-5 I have used since I started playing paintball over 5 years ago, clamped to a table, at 75 feet from target. Paper target is 17 1/2 X 23 inches. Chrono as seen.

Game footage was from Trails of Doom, April event (150 foot one shot headshot), and March event (300+ foot elminations).

YouTube - ‪What Barrel will Help with Accuracy Paintball Woodsball 75 150 300+ Feet Test Apex 2 Tippmann A-5‬‏

watch on youtube, and click 1080HD to see in highest resolution.

Let me know if you like the video, or have any constructive criticism.
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