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I’m selling my Armotech WG-65 RIS Elite Sniper Electric paintball marker. This is the REAL deal, NOT a Sim-4 knock-off.

I’m selling this marker due to the fact that I currently own 11 markers, I haven’t been using the WG-65t as often as some of my other markers, and the wife is pregnant with our first kid. Needless to say, the wife wants me to “scale back” my addiction ( that’s wife code for ‘stop spending so much money’). I play a lot of scenario games and spend much of the time using just my Zeus and my A5 (smaller markers in general).

This is an excellent marker and I have put a lot of money into modifying it. Here’s a rundown of the major items in this auction:

-Armotech WG-65 RIS Elite Sniper Paintball Marker
The WG-65 A2 RIS Elite Sniper Custom is an ultimate tactical assault marker. It starts with a WG-65 A2 and adds the Rail Interface System, an Elite Sight Rail, Bushnell Scope, Laser Sight and Barrel Extension, adding up to a most formidable tactical marker.

Designed for police and military training scenarios, the WG-65 is an accurate simulation of the real thing. This semi-automatic version shoots standard .68 caliber paintballs using either compressed air or CO2. Because of its duty as a training tool, the construction is extremely rugged and durable, requiring minimal maintenance. All the features you would expect are there, right down to the collapsible telescoping stock, fully adjustable military-style sights, and sling loop.

The rear velocity adjuster and push safety make this marker acceptable for use at most fields for casual or scenario play. Using a standard or electronic 200-round loader, this marker emulates the action and recoil of its military counterpart. The vertical adapter accepts standard paintball tanks but this marker is best suited for a remote line to get the full effect.

The WG-65 is NOT A TOY and is a virtually exact replica of the real thing. Do not carry this marker in public or in the passenger compartment of your vehicle. This is one of the finest replica markers ever made.

WG-65 A2 RIS Elite Sniper Custom Features
* Rail Interface System
* Elite Sight Rail
* 4x30 Sniper Scope
* Barrel Extension
* Semiautomatic Action
* CO2 or Compressed Air
* Quick Field Strip
* Velocity Adjustment
* .68 Calibers
* Side Cocking

-WG-65 Mag Clip Kit E
For WG-65 markers. The Clip Kit covers the air intake and places the remote line fitting at the bottom of the clip making the marker even more realistic.

Clip Kit E for electronic-trigger WGs.

-WG-65 Electronic Trigger Frame
The E-Trigger from Armotech offers three modes of firing. Semi, 3-round burst and full auto. The rate of fire is adjustable from 4-13 rounds per second. LED indicators allow easy access to important settings and information. Easily switch from semi-auto to burst or even full automatic. Adjust your rate of fire, game timer, and change from live to safe mode with the push of a button. The E-trigger is capable of firing an astonishing 13 balls per second yet remaining highly reliable and virtually maintenance free.

This is the aluminum frame E-trigger, not plastic. Fits Armotech WG-65 series and Mars series markers. This is an easy upgrade to increase the firepower of your already formidable Armotech paintball marker.

-Armotech WG-65 Gun Bag Long
This is a black heavy-duty padded nylon gun bag. It has extra pockets on the outside (see picture): (1) 8' X 8" Utility, (1) 6" X 6" Utility, (1) 4" X 4" Utility, full-length zipper pocket, 1/4" closed-cell foam, heavy-duty zippers, full wrap-around 2" web handles, D Rings on each end, sling and pockets behind each of the utility pockets.

Protect your marker and your investment. Padded lining provides impact resistance and prevents scratches and dings. Three external pockets to hold tools and accessories.

Longer length for A1 and A2 with up to 20" barrel. Choose standard model for WG65 and similar length barrels.

-Black Viewloader Revolution 12V With X-Board
Why use a sound activated reloader? An optical sensing loader "prevents" misfeeds, while with the Sound Activated Reloader they simply don't happen. While an optical loader basically acts like a regular gravity fed loader until it senses a misfeed and then rotates the paddle, the Reloader never waits for a misfeed to happen. Instead it loads a ball every time the marker is fired. Motor runs only when sound activated by firing marker. Does not constantly spin. Saves on batteries.

-EZ Sling Universal Tactical Sling
EZ Sling Universal Combat Sling. This is the simplest sling we have ever used. We were able to attach it within minutes to many different systems from tactical weapons to paintball guns.

There is nothing in this auction older than 8 months, in fact the barrel, hopper, gun bag, and E-Grip are new as of June 2nd, 2004. I’m also throwing in the odd item here and there like a new Teflon bolt, spare parts (screws, tools, springs, ect…). Hell, if you hit the buy now price I’ll even throw in 20 O-rings and a guppy filled with paintballs.

This package is worth well upwards to $950.00 (per, a authorized Armotech dealer). I’m asking for $600.00, a savings of $350.00!

I accept money orders as well as Paypal, although Paypal is preferred. The buyer pays all shipping expenses. I will ship out UPS Priority and I will insure the shipment at the buyers cost.

I’ll furnish picture upon request. Please email any questions to [email protected], attn: Mike. Thanks!


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