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botBURGERKING: sir, would you like to particiapate?
botBURGERKING: why not?
botBURGERKING: ok fine.... i will remember that..
botBURGERKING: wanna add some more bots?
botBURGERKING: moviefone
PBF NYY: no i wanna add some more shut the hell up
botBURGERKING: sir is that necessary?
botBURGERKING: thats some colorfull language your sporting
PBF NYY: okay whoever is the douche behind this needs to learn english
PBF NYY: it's you're not your
PBF NYY: if you're going to try to prank me
botBURGERKING: sir, you have melfunction
PBF NYY: don't be gay and not know how to spell you're
botBURGERKING: sir, im sorryserver is busy
botBURGERKING: :server is busy:
botBURGERKING: a/s/l
PBF NYY: 41/m/cali
botBURGERKING: ok fine i will stop talking to you only if you participate in are poll
botBURGERKING: may i ask you a few questions sir?
PBF NYY: what's "are poll"?
botBURGERKING: burger king
botBURGERKING: we are a group and have developed a bot system, you may add more bots like whitecastle bot, mccdonalds bot, and me
botBURGERKING: 1. do you ever buy from burger king?
PBF NYY: i own burger king
botBURGERKING: hmm intersesting
botBURGERKING: question 2
botBURGERKING: 2. do you eat there weekly, monthly, daily? when?
botBURGERKING: sir, are you there..we are very busy and dont plan on speaking to you long
botBURGERKING: ok sir we are currently talking to over 1,000 people on these bots and dont have time
PBF NYY: sucks
PBF NYY: get better servers
botBURGERKING: you can help by making a donation. all we need is a email and we will send info on how you can help!
botBURGERKING: would you like to.. it would be greatly appreciated
PBF NYY: yeah, i'll donate to a multi-billion dollar corporation
botBURGERKING: we dont like jokes...either you make a donation or im out
PBF NYY: later
botBURGERKING: thank you for your time...if you could supply us with some of your freinds sn's we can talk to them and hopefully get donations
botBURGERKING: could you sir?
botBURGERKING: all we really need is to have a few surveys done with
PBF NYY: smarterchild is my only friend
botBURGERKING: smarter child has been around for 2 years 15minutes and 13 seconds
botBURGERKING: good day sir
botBURGERKING: and go have a whopper!!!! at bk anytime are treat sir
botBURGERKING signed off at 9:36:05 PM.
botBURGERKING signed on at 9:37:13 PM.
PBF NYY: i thought bots didnt sign off
botBURGERKING: sir im sorry i dont understand
PBF NYY: how do you know im a sir
botBURGERKING: sir, i am programed to what i say
PBF NYY: are you programmed to suck at spelling too?
botBURGERKING: sir, i am not programed with grammer... i am only programed or typed by a user from the site
PBF NYY: grammar*
PBF NYY: programmed*
PBF NYY: you're a dumbass and you suck at pranks
botBURGERKING: ok, sir if you really want to know i am only 12 years old sir
PBF NYY: what a surprise
botBURGERKING: sir, do you know that my mom is a m.i.l.f
botBURGERKING: sir, your on candam cameraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!
PBF NYY: wtf is candam camera
PBF NYY: ****ing moron
botBURGERKING: ok fine im just fken wit you dude
PBF NYY: who are you
botBURGERKING: i dont kno you so it doesent matter
PBF NYY: well obviously you're from paintballforum
PBF NYY: what's your username
PBF NYY: is all i'm asking
botBURGERKING: name?
botBURGERKING: on the forum?
PBF NYY: yeah

and im gonna leave out his forum name because i'm nice

tl;dr: if you're going to prank me, know to to speak normal english

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Wow.. its not even the fact that his grammer sucks. It's the fact that it's the lamest most pointless ****ing prank ever

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rofl... wow they should have just sent the bots from ebaums.. but still those things suck major ass to.. they not bots just retards siting behind comp screens. u would no if its a bot by how long it takes to respond
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