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Attention: Those Who Own An Autometer Gauge

If anyone owns an Autometer gauge and would like a blue light bulb cover, please either post here or PM/e-mail me. They are available on eBay in packs of 3 for $8.83 shipped, which is a rip off, especially since most people don't have 3 gauges in their car and only want one.

eBay Link

I'm willing to do a "group buy" of sorts that would bring the individual price down to $3.35. ($8.83 / 3 = $2.94 + $.41 = $3.35) I'm not making any money off of this.

If anyone wants a different color, let me know and if there is enough of a want, I can do the same for that color.

If anyone knows a cheaper place to get these, either online or local, let me know. I want one so my interior lights match, but this is the only place I've found them.

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