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June 3rd & 4th its time to return to the attica hotel. why should you be there? how about overnight game, hotel scenarios, one involving hostage rescue, 600 acres, vendors, free play! bring paint and air supply(just in case vendor decides he cant make it)

attica hotel: built in late 50's two levels, roof access as well as bolier room...tons of woods around it...

hells rangers will be there, attica will be there as well....will you dare your fate?

hell's rangers is the ONLY team that has ever taken the hotel from attica!!!!!

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There is a plan in the works for a vendor to come out and have air and paint available. If the vendor does show there are two local stores that can refill CO2. we advise you to have your tanks filled before you arrive.

The rough schedule is as follows...
1-2 pm field open and set-up
2-4 pm first game
5-6 supper
6-8 pm second game
9-2 am the overnight game.
our plans for Sunday are pretty loose. if there are people still up for paintball we will have more games. we will just play it by ear.

Make sure you bring camping supplies. there are no pre arranged camping sites. each team's base will have to be prepared by the team members.

There is a town 6 miles from the field. The town has gas stations and restaurants, so if you don't want to rough it w/ food there are other options.

Our field rules. we play Vietnam style. the hits that count are body and head shots. u can take as many hits to the arms and legs as u can handle. of course if you don't use a mask you don't play.

Finally, here are the directions to the field. we have our schedule on our website along with the directions. we hope to see you out there this weekend
From Attica
Proceed North on US 41 S
Just after the US 41/ST RD 28 Junction, turn right on to CR 125E
CR 125 E starts out going down a steep slope
Stay on this road for approx. 2 1/4 miles.
as CR 125 E starts to make a sharp turn right, the entrance to the field is on the right, inside the turn. There is an abandoned Hotel there
From Pine Village
Proceed South on ST RD 55 S
Aprox 6 miles you come to Big Pine Golf Course. Turn Right on CR 250 N
When you come to the T, turn Left on CR 225 E
Aprox a mile down, the road will turn to gravel, with a turn off to the right, turn right to stay on 225 E.
You will go through a small town called Kramer
As soon as you go through, the road will do some sharp and steep winding
at the bottom there is a drive to the left, this is the turn off to the field.

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Ahh the good 'ole mudlavia hotel. Wish I would have known the date, I would have been there. Not like I'm a few mins away.
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