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MasterMuffin8: Holla
mikep31511: hey
MasterMuffin8: Lets kill them ****ers.
mikep31511: who?
MasterMuffin8: Everyone.
mikep31511: damn 2k4ers pirate wannabes?
mikep31511: oh
mikep31511: i dont know
mikep31511: that is a big job:-(
MasterMuffin8: pballer486

MasterMuffin8: im him
MasterMuffin8: I said I hate you.
mikep31511: you are?
MasterMuffin8: And that pirates suck ass.
MasterMuffin8: Yes.
mikep31511: eh. your gunna get the d-bomb dropped on you...
MasterMuffin8: And hk sucks ass.
MasterMuffin8: No
MasterMuffin8: Your a stupid ****.
mikep31511: yes. supporter forum says so
MasterMuffin8: I hacked pbf
mikep31511: no
MasterMuffin8: Yeh
mikep31511: cause i know who did
mikep31511: eh
MasterMuffin8: Well not me
MasterMuffin8: A friend
mikep31511: whos this friend
MasterMuffin8: I have duos pass
MasterMuffin8: he went by the name of joo suxor
MasterMuffin8: me and him chipped in to pay a guy
MasterMuffin8: I don't no his real name
mikep31511: no
MasterMuffin8: Um yes
mikep31511: well, maybe
mikep31511: cause the person i talked to said he was payed
MasterMuffin8: I have his pass. I hope it still works.
MasterMuffin8: I dunno who hacked it.
MasterMuffin8: But me and J00 chipped in to pay him.
mikep31511: how much an hr?
MasterMuffin8: Not an hour.
MasterMuffin8: And it was a kid.
MasterMuffin8: He was like 15
mikep31511: no
MasterMuffin8: We payed him 50 each
mikep31511: shens on someones side...
MasterMuffin8: and gave him some ****
MasterMuffin8: Wtf did he say
mikep31511: someone else said 100$ an hr
MasterMuffin8: LMAO
MasterMuffin8: stupid ****
MasterMuffin8: we payed him 100 in all
mikep31511: eh
mikep31511: shens
MasterMuffin8: I guess he wanted to sound special.
mikep31511: no
MasterMuffin8: Yeh
MasterMuffin8: I'll contact j00
MasterMuffin8: he'll tell you
mikep31511: meh
mikep31511: i dont care much
MasterMuffin8: Well I was just tellin you.
mikep31511: ok
MasterMuffin8: u still dont know who i am?
MasterMuffin8: Label?
MasterMuffin8: Skate?
MasterMuffin8: Ring a bell.
mikep31511: what
mikep31511: damn you confused me
mikep31511: this whole conversation
mikep31511: :-(
MasterMuffin8: Hows that
mikep31511: i dont know
mikep31511: :-(
MasterMuffin8: Me and j00 payed the kid to hack the site
MasterMuffin8: kinda like revenge
MasterMuffin8: How the hell can you not know who I am?
mikep31511: j00 wasnt bad before the hack
mikep31511: its after the hack duo hated him
MasterMuffin8: I'm labelskate
mikep31511: what
mikep31511: im confused
MasterMuffin8: One of the best members on pbf
MasterMuffin8: Until those ****ers banned me.
MasterMuffin8: I don't care
MasterMuffin8: I was 2 good for them anyhow.
MasterMuffin8: And I was there for the anti duo stuff
mikep31511: mikep31511: damn you confused me
MasterMuffin8: I was under the name autocockerokcer
MasterMuffin8: and I still am.
MasterMuffin8: Been chillen after the hack
MasterMuffin8: Are you stupid?
MasterMuffin8: How can you not know who label is?
mikep31511: i do
MasterMuffin8: Ok
mikep31511: el negro, richie, shaflacka, etc
MasterMuffin8: Yes
MasterMuffin8: +autocockerocker
MasterMuffin8: no shaflaka
MasterMuffin8: that was a friend
mikep31511: oh
mikep31511: but if your autocockerrocker, wouldnt you use labelskate on the forums you made?
MasterMuffin8: No
MasterMuffin8: I don't want to get banned
MasterMuffin8: I like this name.
mikep31511: from pbf?
MasterMuffin8: I had it about the same time as label
MasterMuffin8: I made bnk
mikep31511: ya
mikep31511: wow
MasterMuffin8: Yeh
MasterMuffin8: it confused me too
MasterMuffin8: f00l
MasterMuffin8: PUNK3d
mikep31511: eh?

mikep31511: damn
MasterMuffin8: :-D
MasterMuffin8: HAHAHAHHAH
mikep31511: :-(
MasterMuffin8: that was good
mikep31511: im so confused
MasterMuffin8: Ill post this ****
mikep31511: stop talking, your confusing me
MasterMuffin8: thanks
MasterMuffin8: so i did good?
mikep31511: i dont know
MasterMuffin8: -_-
MasterMuffin8: I think so
mikep31511: i had a feeling you werent richie
MasterMuffin8: yeh well
mikep31511: cause richie hated cockers
mikep31511: so i was like wtf
MasterMuffin8: lol
mikep31511: eh
MasterMuffin8: muhahahahha
mikep31511: damn:)
mikep31511: :-(
MasterMuffin8: lmao
MasterMuffin8: sorry

tl:dr version: ipunkedmikemuhahahhahahhahha

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yes. i suck. but show the rest:
mikep31511: im still confused:-(
MasterMuffin8: ok
MasterMuffin8: i did good
mikep31511: no
MasterMuffin8: MUHAHAHHAA
mikep31511: well ya
mikep31511: but im guilable:-(
MasterMuffin8: yes
MasterMuffin8: so tru

0ld Sk00l
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I don't believe ur apart of the Offical PBF punk'd Crew... You just suck.... You can't call it a punk'd thread... It's just a practical joke thread.. and it's not even that funny

PBF Punk'd Crew > you

--Kan Man

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bunkertime said:
I don't believe ur apart of the Offical PBF punk'd Crew... You just suck.... You can't call it a punk'd thread... It's just a practical joke thread.. and it's not even that funny

PBF Punk'd Crew > you

--Kan Man
Um no ****... Sherlock
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