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i punk'd kingtomis!!!!111

mikep31511: hi, im from pbf. i was wondering if you were the chick in your avvy, if so your really hot;-)
KingTomis101: lol whos that from?
mikep31511: me
mikep31511: :)
KingTomis101: ohh
KingTomis101: why yes it is
KingTomis101: im a cartoon girl
KingTomis101: i occationally do anime pr0n
mikep31511: your hawt
mikep31511: :-*
KingTomis101: hehe
mikep31511: got nekkids
mikep31511: ?
KingTomis101: nope
mikep31511: damn:-(
KingTomis101: going to have to do with the miniskirt shot
mikep31511: ok
mikep31511: will you have my baby?
KingTomis101: i like my men large
mikep31511: big boned>
mikep31511: ?
KingTomis101: no
mikep31511: oh:-*
KingTomis101: i like them 14' c0cks
KingTomis101: thier the best
mikep31511: some people call me hulk if you know what i mean;-)
mikep31511: omg, you just got punk'd!!!!1this is mp11!!!!!!!!!11111111!!!!!!!!
KingTomis101: what?
KingTomis101: holy hell
KingTomis101: this is crazy
mikep31511: i punk;d you
KingTomis101: i didnt even know
mikep31511: im good at it

yes, tom you just got punk'd mike style :smokin


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at least show the rest

KingTomis101: you better go post this now
mikep31511: i will:)
KingTomis101: i mean, you better not
KingTomis101: i mean, im gay
KingTomis101: i mean
KingTomis101: wait
KingTomis101: no
KingTomis101: i like boobs
KingTomis101: i really do
mikep31511: liar...
KingTomis101: ok
KingTomis101: you got me
mikep31511: :)
KingTomis101: imr eally rye
mikep31511: =-O
KingTomis101: from bours avatar
KingTomis101: just dont tell anyone
mikep31511: im not gettins revsi-punk'd!
KingTomis101: omg, you just did!!??!!! on/one/one/111/1/1/1!!!!
mikep31511: no
mikep31511: now whats a good name for the thread?
mikep31511: and posted:)
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