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dawoggles: don't ever come to PBF again
VpRaidersfan1: ?
VpRaidersfan1: whats your pbf sn?
dawoggles: cobra
VpRaidersfan1: hello.
dawoggles: I've been getting complaints about you
dawoggles: so either I can IP you or you can leave for about 1-2 weeks until things calm down
VpRaidersfan1: thats weird.
VpRaidersfan1: you've been on my buddy list for awhile as well
dawoggles: well now I'll just have to e-boot your ass
dawoggles: =D
VpRaidersfan1: j/w if this is actually cobra.
dawoggles: it is
VpRaidersfan1: how come it says your aim is direct paintball?
dawoggles: I don't want noobs IMing me all the time
VpRaidersfan1: may i ask who complained about me?
dawoggles: lots of people
dawoggles: just look around you
VpRaidersfan1: ok. well can i at least reply to my b/s/t threads?
VpRaidersfan1: if this is cobra?
dawoggles: yes
dawoggles: don't make a scene
VpRaidersfan1: ok. thanks.
VpRaidersfan1: can you edit that your aim is dawoggles on the PBF administrators aim?
dawoggles: no
dawoggles: like I said
dawoggles: I don't want noobs IMing me all the time
VpRaidersfan1: its glad to know pbf's head administrator is so helpful.
dawoggles: hey
dawoggles: I'm trying to help your problem out
VpRaidersfan1: and what about other peoples problems? you don't want them aim you all day? riight
VpRaidersfan1: so how long is it you want me gone?
dawoggles: 2 weeks would probably fix everything
dawoggles: do you agree?
VpRaidersfan1: do i have a choice?
dawoggles: not really
VpRaidersfan1 signed off at 3:39:20 PM.
(this was from March 29th)

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I remember when you sent me this, I wondered how long it would be till it was a Lounge Post.


Its never lupus
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Do the same thing to paintballjunk12 and KKpaintball or whatever.

But yes that deserves a big fat :tup:
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