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Decay of Nations 4​


Written By: Jon Asperin
Story By: Dennis Bukowski and Giovanni D'Egidio

"Wars are not fought for territory, but for words.
Man's deadliest weapon is language.
He is as susceptible to being hypnotized by slogans as he is to infectious diseases.
And where there is an epidemic, the group-mind takes over."
- Arthur Koestler

10 years have passed since the last epic world conflict between the UNA (United Nations of America) and the joint forces of the corporate oil juggernaut, EKRON and the United Asian Front. The UNA were successful in helping the world's environmental dependency and strain by stabilizing the abundant use of fossil fuels. Despite losing their global financial control, EKRON and the United Asian Front have been secretly amassing another devious siege to power. With full control of some of the communist and 3rd world countries, EKRON and the United Asian Front have guided the corporation's top scientists and military strategists by leading their Research and Development team in secretly creating their next step in their quest of world domination ... the use of Biological Warfare. After years of hideous experimentations with pigs, lambs, and chickens, the developed and disastrous "Marburg-XTNCT" virus emerged through the unorthodox use of stem-cell research and the combination of cloning of an undisclosed species of infected primates imported from Uganda. With Ebola-like similarities, this virus is far more lethal than anything ever discovered or created by man and outbreaks would be catastrophic. Regarded as a "global killer", the virus infects individuals with an insatiable and unstoppable crave for violence until finally succumbing it's victims into a hypovolemic shock and a viral hemorrhagic fever.

By creating the "Marburg-XTNCT" virus, the EKRON and Asian forces have secretly and unbeknownst to the world, created the only known vaccine to the virus. With the creation of the vaccine for the virus, EKRON, the one-time oil giants, have now turned their attention towards other financial territories such as pharmaceuticals. Through tactful company takeovers, buy-outs, and corporate mergers, EKRON has strategically seized control of the globes largest pharmaceutical plants and distributors. As leverage to their plot backed with the military strong-arm of the Asian Forces, neighboring countries are being paid by the forces and promised shelter of any viral attacks for strategic control of their land as EKRON and the United Asian Front plan their next global assault. Dirty bombs, various forms of aerial attacks, water pollution plots, household product contamination, suicide bombings, and various forms of guerilla tactics are only the beginning methods in their attempt to finally crush the UNA and gain back control of the globes financial infrastructure. As the sole-carrier of the inoculation of the virus and controllers of the global pharmaceutical market, the death of millions and a possible world pandemic is only a mere road-block to their goal of reaching financial domination. Unknown to their deceitful conspiracy, other governments of the world will be forced to submit to EKRON and the United Asian Front's systematic plot or face annihilation of the deadliest virus ever known to man.

Meanwhile, the UNA, flourishing in their last victory against the EKRON and United Asian Front, have been regarded by the public-eye as the world's, "global guardians." With full quadrant control of the Western hemisphere, the president of the UNA, known as President 322, has been re-elected for an unprecedented 4th term. Basking in their recent victory, the UNA is in a desperate struggle to maintain their newfound "savior" image through the use of constant peace and environmental propaganda. Despite the celebration of their triumph of global stabilization of alternative fossil fuels, the UNA's military counter-intelligence team has uncovered EKRON and the United Asian Front's dubious plot of biological warfare. By activating espionage cells in Egypt and North Korea left from the last Great War, the UNA has retrieved limited intel on the scheme and has realized that their current control of the globes financial structure is now severely threatened by the emergence of the "Marburg XTNCT" virus and the possible global dependency and economical growth of EKRON's pharmaceutical empire. To avoid their loss of global advantage, the UNA has reluctantly reunited with the Pope and his elite squadron of Martyr assassins called the Templars along with an unknown ally while secretly training and forming an elite special operations strike force to combat the EKRON and United Asian Front forces.

For years, the global community and its conspiracy theorists have long believed the government's involvement in man-made diseases and virus'es to control social tides, manipulate racial procreation, and to aid in warfare campaigns ... but these theories have recently been put to rest in light of the recent environmental strains on the globe. Today' the theories are becoming a dark reality and EKRON and the United Asian Front is one step closer to complete global genocide with the "Marburg XTNCT" virus to achieve their greedy quest for economic supremacy.

Will you aid the UNA forces in safeguarding and protecting the Earth's population's will to survive or will you join EKRON and the United Asian Front's cunning journey to dominate the globe with the fear of the cataclysmic "Marburg XTNCT" virus? Only you can help decide the outcome of the World Pandemic.


The Generals have been set for this epic battle.

Returning as last year's victorious UNA General, Damian from TAW Scenarios is coming back to lead the UNA forces again.

Returning from a long haitus from California, Ben Torcelli of MPP Scenarios will be leading the EKRON forces along with Toby Grable as his XO.

-Weekend: $70.00
-Single Day: $50.00
Pre-Register by June 28th and pay only $60.00 for the weekend!

Air Fees:
-Weekend: $15.00
-Single Day: $10.00

-Giant Paintballs: 34.99
-Procaps Tournament: 44.99
-Evil Professional: 49.99

Group Specials:
-Register 6 players and get the 7th free! Must all register at the same time*
Please call 562-867-9600 to have the free entry applied!

The New Decay Of Nations Website has been launched! The Story line is up, Along with videos from previous years, New videos to base off of this year, Downloadable Propaganda, And of course PRE-REGISTRATION!

If you have any other questions feel free to contact me on OCMI or here.

Remember You want to support OCMI and the UNA team at the event.

Hope to see you guys their.

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Rental gear will be free for registered players. This includes gun, mask, tank, and 2pod pack, So if you have a friend that is new to paintball and wants to try out a senerio game, this is the game to do it at.

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Thanks to Skeletor of SoCal Ghosts for taking notes in the recent Scenario Teams meeting for Decay of Nations IV. There were things that needed to be cleared up and ironed out in regards to the rules and events that are also going on during DoN IV:

- Paintball Waterpods will be given out to the first 200 players to keep in their pod packs and fill up at water stations on and off the field (they are pretty cool pod-shaped water containers with a screw-on cap like a water bottle) These are really cool and one of the best ideas ever!!!

- the smaller prizes (hats, pins, stickers, etc.) will be given out during registration while supplies last so that the raffle at the end does not take all night.

- one ticket per person will be given out for the free Rockstar energy drinks (this is so people don't drink a ton of them like previous years and get dehydrated)

- FREE rental gear for newbies with paid admission and yes they are X7 Phenoms, while supplies last!!

- everyone will need to stay at least 20 feet from motorized tanks, they can not be used as cover.

- foot powered tanks (mechs, pugs, etc) can be used for cover

- a satchel charge that lands within 5 feet of a tank counts as a direct hit.

- the above three rules changed a couple of times during the meeting- Viper from OCMI is printing up official tank rules, so be on the lookout for these as an update. There will be a MANDATORY meeting Friday night before the game for all tank drivers to discuss all tank rules. So if you are planning on using a Motorized Tank or any FOOT powered Vehicle or HEAVY ARMOR YOU WILL NEED TO ATTEND THIS MEETING FRIDAY NIGHT

I (Skeletor) volunteered ....or got volunteered, to facilitate the meeting and checking tanks. So check in with the So Cal Ghosts and we will work out a time that works for everyone.

You can contact me with any questions so feel free to contact me on or our team website, SoCal Ghosts

PROPS and such
- Props will be provided by GIANT Paintball, but if you have a cool homemade prop you'd like to use in the game it must be approved by Gio (he will not accept props that do not look like what they are supposed to be...example, a Frisbee can not act as a satchel charge)

- All rocket launchers need to be approved by Gio Friday night and Saturday morning. Approved launchers will be tagged. All the rockets will go to Gio for even distribution during the game, as teams purchase them with game money.

- the field will be cut in half for night game (will be playing up to the POW camp)
- NO glow sticks are allowed by all players, they will be used by the refs only
- the main missions will be to collect props

- there are 4 reinsertion points: both CP's, the POW camp, and the front (red) archway. The POW camp and front archway can be used by both teams (referees will be monitoring the POW and archway to modify the reinsertion so that both teams don't reinsert super close and light each other up from two feet away.)

- there are NO MEDICS in this game, only death cards. Each player will receive 4 death cards allowing him or her to turn in a card to a ref and re-spawn back into the game. The ref will send the death card user to a safe point (a tree, a flag station, somewhere safe nearby) and the player will be back in the game after reaching that point. Every player will be given ONLY 4 Death Cards for the weekend.

- hoppers (and maybe the strap on the mask) will have a color duct tape to distinguish between teams

- Tom Cole and Kristen Kleist will be the alternating Ultimate refs for the game

- the East side of the field (where the swampy muck is) will be marked off with caution tape to distinguish a clear boundary line

- a new revised version of the rules will be out in a couple weeks, Chris IQ will be in charge of this (the version that is out needs some revision)

Please pass this info on to any one attending the event if all the players understand the rules and are clear on whats going on I think it will help the game run smoothly and make it fun for all.

There are some fun things lined up for this game if you any any questions please ask away and I'm sure someone will be able to answer them.
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