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AUSTIN MISSION BRAVO: Bedlam in the Balkans
An 8 hour Scenario Event
Mission site: Xtreme Paintball of Austin
Report Date: 03 May 2008
Muster Time: 0800 hours

The communist Krasnovians have pushed past the skirmish line North of the city of Tashkent in Uzbekistan! They succeeded in their planned chemical weapon attack and killed many defending soldiers. The US Peacekeeping Force had no choice but to fall back and regroup. This is a chance for the paratroopers of the 82nd to get their revenge for Austin Mission Alpha: Apocalypse! The battle for Uzbekistan continues in dramatic paint filled warfare!

For those who played at Austin Mission Alpha, this event will be BIGGER and BETTER! We have:
More Props!
Nastier Missions!
Expanded Rules!
More Special Ops!

For those that missed Alpha, check out some pics at:
Austin Missions

Scenario Created by former military combat veterans: 1LT William Toporek 519th MI Bn AIRBORNE(ret.) and SGT Mark McKane 4-5 ADA 1st CAVALRY DIVISION(ret.) based on real-life military missions and operations!

$35 Registration Fee Day of the Event (Walkons welcome!)
$25 Pre-Registration (Side Choice only when you pre-register!)
Covers Field Fee and All Day CO2 and HPA

Field-Grade Paint $60 case
Premium-Grade Paint $70 case
Tournament Grade Paint $80 case

PRIZES for performance!

Professional Role-Players
Extensive Props
Mil-Sim Missions

Event location:
Xtreme Paintball of Austin
7415 Burleson-Manor Rd.
Manor, TX 78653

Just 12 miles from downtown Austin
Telephone for more information: (512) 796-9760

Or Register On-line at: Paintball Scenario Austin

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Special Notice

Greetings again everyone from the Austin Missions Staff!

This is a special announcement to let everyone know that we have a command position open. We need a commander for the US side for this event.

This position will be one fraught with challenges. The Krasnovian side has momentum from their victory at Mission Alpha and will be trying to push the "All Americans" of the 82nd Airborne back through the city of Tashkent. However, this is a great opportunity for a Scenario Commander or Team to make a name for themselves. This is a "revenge" scenario that will definitely affect the direction of the backstory for the Austin Missions.

We're adding some notable new tricks to the commander's toolbag for both sides in this event. That should definitely step things up a notch from Mission Alpha. Also, we're hoping to see Team MAST and the guys from COBRA Woodsball back out there tearing it up for the 82nd. With the possibility of the support of those veteran teams and some big time tricks up both commander's sleeves, it's going to be one hell of a fight!

So, if you feel you're ready to step up and take the Winner's Trophy out of the reigning champion's hands, contact me and we can talk more about details (PM or email at zallekin [at] yahoo [dot] com). Hope to see you out there on the field!

For more information, see these links...

Paintball Scenario Austin

News and updates:
Austin Missions

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Major update - US CO chosen


In light of recent events in the war-torn area north of Tashkent (in Uzbekistan), the US Congress has pushed through a bill to release large amounts of funds to the peacekeeping effort. As part of this push to reinforce the troops, decorated officer CPT Maverick and his personal unit (Team Total Insanity) are being sent into the fray. CPT Maverick and his team have years of scenario experience under their collective belts and are hell bent on securing the area. They'll be calling on all the teams from Tactical Paintball and Texas at large to aid in their efforts!

As some of you may know, CPT Maverick is the team leader of Total Insanity and was one of the generals at Tactical's Gears of War game back in December of 2007. That's just one of many games at which this well-liked commander has taken the reins. He's a stand-up player who stands for integrity; he'll dress down a bad sportsman or unsafe player just as fast as any ref ever will! As anyone who's served under him will tell you, you can't find a general who's more dedicated to promoting sportsmanship and fun!

On the other side, you've got the Krasnovians, who are attempting to expand their influence into the area. They're lead by the returning champion of the Austin Mission series, Bryan Walker. While Bryan is somewhat new to command on the paintball field (Austin Mission Alpha was his first full command), he's no stranger to command positions. An ex-Army officer (he served with the 3rd/227 ATK Apache group); he's cool under pressure and has ice in his veins. Also, returning under Bryan's command is Team Blacklist out of Houston. They'll be looking to defend their crown and calling their allied teams to help!

And last but not least, we can't forget the walkon players! Walkon players turned the tide at the last Austin Mission, and there's no doubt they'll be important in this battle, as well. So, whether you're a team player from way back or just a guy who wants to try this "scenario paintball" thing out, come on out to Xtreme on May 3rd! If Austin Mission Alpha was a hard-fought battle, Mission Bravo is going to be all out war; Bedlam in the Balkans!

Drunkenmaster (aka Ray Harlan)
Mission Coordinator - The Austin Missions

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There's a note on our blog about waivers. Check that out and you can print the waiver out, sign it, and bring it with you! That'll streamline the registration process and help you get out on the field that much faster! Here's the link (in case you didn't get it from earlier in this thread):

Austin Missions

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Greetings again, everyone!

We're in the home stretch of preparations for Austin Mission Bravo! If you've pre-registered, you should be receiving emails from our staff (if you haven't already).

This is a last-minute note to let everyone know that our pre-registration deadline has been confirmed. It is midnight of 27APR. As of that time, our pre-registration website will stop taking registrations. Folks registering on 03MAY (at the event) will be charged $35, as was mentioned in our original event post.

On another note, if you intend to bring paintball mines, please read our rules on them at the following link:

Austin Missions: Official Rules for Mission Bravo!
(you can get some rules clarifications here as well: Austin Missions: Rules FAQ posted!)

In either of those blog posts, click on the link at the top of the post to download the file!

Most importantly, you MUST BRING PAINTBALL MINES TO A MISSION COORDINATOR BEFORE USING THEM! I can't stress this enough for safety reasons.

As an aside, note that we're not allowing NERF LAW rocket launchers. They don't even have an effect in our rules.

Thanks so much to everyone who's pre-registered and who has helped or assisted us in any way leading up to this event. We're really looking forward to getting out there and having a great time with everyone!

best regards, and see you on the field,
Krasnovian Mission Coordinator - The Austin Missions
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