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So if this is gonna effect the trade/sale...dont even offer.

What Ive got:

One Panasonic Touch screen ghost face CD player. Installed for roughly 20 minutes about 2 weeks ago t omake sure it still worked. Ive had it almost a year....bought a pioneer 7500 and neevr used this. 275obo

One JL Audio W7 (8"). These subs are awesome....there is nothing better on the market, this one 8" out knocked two of my 15s and sounded way cleaer with no distortion. This sub is perfect...maybe 3 hours of play on it. Bought it for my IRoc but gotta new set up. 300obo

Two 15" Kicker CVRs in custom tuned boxes... 115each

Two custom built amps...these are spooled to push 990 REAL WORLD WATTS...not company rated bull****. These are only going to be traded/sold into good hands.They sit ina Klash chrome casing with plexi on the top, I can sandblast the plexi with a symbol or name or something if you wish... 225obo each

I also have two Polk GXRs, nothing real loud, sound good though 75obo for both

Samsung N400, sprint phone, perfect condition...40 bucks

Madcats PS2 steering wheel and pedals...carbon fiber trim, new in box works perfect only used once...20 bucks

Some little Texas hold'em set...with extra chips...10bucks

Computer Games & Software

Here is a ton of computer games...Ill take roughly 3 bucks a peice unless marked but offer up. Id like to get rid of them all to one person.

Final Fantasy XI Online (never installed) 20 bucks

Magic the gathering...will only sell with account(over 200 invested) me for info.

Age of Empires II w/ Conquerors expan 15 bucks

(2) Empire Earth

Civil War: The Game

Rogue Spear w/ Urban ops

Snowmobile Championship 2k

Cosmi Corp...bunch of games on one CD

Pool of Radiance

NHRA Drag Racing Main event

Star Wars w/ Clone Campaigns

Medieval Total War

Pharaoh w/ Cleopatra expan

Mob Rule


Shogan Total War

Half Life CS

Age of Empires

Stronghold w/ Crusader expan 15 bucks

Caesar III

Myth II w/ Green Berets expan

Hunting Unlimited

Hunting Unlimited III

Street Legal Racing

Street Legal Racing: Redline

Panzar Commander

10 bucks a peice otherwise noted. Actual CDs and UNUSED keys.

Microsoft Works & Money 2k2

Microsoft Frontpage 98 $20

Photovista 2.0

Web Studio 2.0

Adobe Photodeluxe

Discreet 3DS Max 5...75 bucks (tons of plug ins come with this)

Now heres stuff Im interested in

Tribal marker
Any higher end electro marker
Good Hoppers
Stiffi CF Barrel Kit
Any Spyder Imagine ups...(must fit 04) but really looking for(for spyder ups):

Spyder rocking trigger
Spyder Barrel Kits
Spyder Reg...Palmers or ergo
45/4500 or 68/4500
Rocket Valve
CIP Assult Block
Tboard w/ eyes
Blue BOlt or Supahfly
Titanium striker

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