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Awesome Scenario/Recball/Speedball field in Texas

Tactical Paintball
Harwood, TX

WOW! That's my description of this field. Right now in it's infancy the field has to be one of the best scenario fields in the nation.

As of now there are 3 bases:
1. a Vietnam style fire base (Firebase Alpha), the walls are made with bags of quickcrete which has already cured. It also has a real UH-1 Huey Helocoptor. Alpha is complete with morter pits and a tower.
2. a base modeled after Starship Troopers. It is 100% metal and it is elevated, with ramps and screening on the walkways. This base is known as Whiskey Outpost.
3. The city, from my understanding the city was built just for thier opening event, Blackhawk Down. The city has a second real Huey which has been prepared for play, I managed to fight my way into it twice! It is in the center of the city surrounded by, I would guess 35 buildings, with a couple of them being 2 story. The city has either no angles or way to many. depending on how you look at it.

At the opening event there were somewhere between 260 and 300 players, and one sick battle, it was AWESOME. Tactical Paintball Texas is a definite world class scenario field. With a great family environment.

It also has 1 maybe 2 airball fields.

Jon the owner is extremley friendly, although very busy. After talking to him for a bit I realized this place is growing fast, with 122 acres at his disposal I can't wait to see it grow. Check out the websit to see some pictures, and for updates and events. You will NOT be disappointed.

For the events there is plenty of camping room on site, just bring something to put under your tent. The ground is rough, and prone to put some holes in tent bottoms. But it is free.

The field only allows field paint which is Armotech Black Ops Premium, at $65/case. I am not sure on air prices, it was included in the entry fee.

To get there take exit 637 off US-10. The field is off the right side of the on ramp to west bound US-10 at exit 637. The field can be seen from the highway.

From the website:

TacticalPaintball.** The ultimate scenario field built and owned by scenario players.
122 acres of rugged*paintball field.*** 3 tournament fields.* Real helicopters. Real buildings to clear.
You will not find*pallets and spools on this field.* Plenty of parking, vendor areas, proshop and US headquarters for Miltec, Black Ops Armory, Tacticalmarkers and more. We built the field to be a player's dream.

With the help of some of the biggest names in scenario paintball, the field was designed*from the ground up. Nothing has been haphazardly thrown on the field.

Fire Base Alpha
This Vietnam style firebase with walls, 5 mortar pits,* a real Huey helicopter and a tower is huge.

Whisky Outpost
This all steel base was inspired from the movie*Star Ship Troopers and includes towers, ramps, and a center base making this one a real challenge to defend*or to take. (Watch out for the bugs.)

The MOUT site

This is probably the only place in the United States where you get to actually play in a city.* We built the city to test your skills tactics and nerves.* 36 (and still growing) buildings, two are multi-story with angles that will make you think twice (or more times) before you round a corner.

SAM sites

There are 4 SAM (Surface to Air Missile) sites on the field to control.

Fuel Depot
* You have to find it first, then defend or conquer this military camouflaged installation.

Air Strip
*** This massive installation is scheduled for mid 2006 construction.* This one is slated to have several planes and control facilities to make it as real as possible

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I just went back down there this weekend and so far, they have added a Vietnam hooch village, a commo base, and a drug lab (for the Feb 25 & 26 MXS/PMI event). The speedball fields are up, and they are lit up for nite play. I think there is 3 of them and I heard them saying they were a certian tourney size. (I know nothing about speedball) They have added the electrical hook ups in the camping and vendor area. Oh, there is a shooting range up to test or sight in your marker.

They also have no field fees, the only thing you pay for is $15 all day air/co2. and paint @ $55/case (I think) for Black Ops Premium. I played with this paint at the Blackhawk down scenario and it was really nice paint.
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