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If this post is over 2 months old, assume the markers are sold

3 markers up for grabs today, all prices include shipping to the continental us

1) empire axe, super clean, fresh rebuild. I am the second owner and I really doubt the first owner even put 2 cases through it. A few minor cosmetic blemishes, tried to take photos, hard to see

Empire axe

2) stock ion, shots great, fresh rebuild. Someone tried to be all different with some of the plastic on the body. The good news is everything under the body is great, no stripped screws, new house and banjo fitting

3) aftermarket ion. Decent list here
Universal T board with membrane pad
Aftermarket trigger, not sure who made it but it is a roller bearing trigger and much nicer than stock
Hybrid feedneck
Sp drop forward

Currently I am waiting on 1 part to come in to get it running but I don't send anything out the door unless it is right.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts