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Smart Parts Freak Factory Impulse Vision Blue/Grey Polished

Freak Factory Bolt lightened to increase response Solid Delrin
Brass Hammer Head balanced weight for stabilized velocity, excellent for delrin bolts
Titanium Hammer Piston increased strength, lighter weight
Titanium Bolt Pin stronger and lighter
Vision Board no chopped balls
Shorty Grip Frame reduces overall height of marker
Blade Trigger shortened trigger pull
FF.Gas Thru Grip hang on in style
Vertical Max-Flow
Includes both gas through grip and Vertical Max-Flow
New Smart Parts Grips
Smart Parts Stick Grips
Custom Fade
Blue / Grey Polished Fade
Anodized Bottom Line
Matching High Flow Bottom Line
Freak Barrel
Stainless Steel Back with 16" Tip Tear Drop Anodized to match

this gun was very well taken care of there is no major damge or wear to the gun just one little scratch, im asking for $600 because of all the $ i put in on it its def worth that! the extras that come with everything above is the drop forward, 2 extra inserts for the barrel, box and original manuals!!!! this is one of the lightest impulses second to the rat and has a reduced height then most impys GREAT DEAL!!!!!


screename: xsensesfailx187 (instant message me anytime)
email: [email protected]


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ill think about it, $600 is a good price but i can do it for $575 thats the lowest id go and thats including shipping

im me: xsensesfailx187
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