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I have a ICD B2K2 PDS for sale or trade. The gun when I got it was 200 dollars. After that I put all the up grades I could find like a On/Off ASA for 32, Vaporbolt for 25, Chaos Board for 50, Chaos Chip for 20, Smart Parts grip for 10, and a 16 inch Costom J&J 2 piece barrel for 45, the gun is very light and fires around 30 BPS and can fluxuate depending on which of the 8 settings you have it on. The gun has had only about 1 case put through it and has fish scale X-milling. The gun als is black exept the barrel is silver and red the feedneck is silver and the ASA is Red. The gun I am going to sell is for $150 or you can offer something I am negotiable on the price. Offer up the worst I can say is no.
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