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Barrel Coming Loose

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I've recently bought a Custom Parts Classic Barrel. When ever i get done playing a game the barrel really comes loose on the threads. I've heard that this happens for some barrels , but how do you prevent it from coming loose?
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It sounds like you don't have an o-ring on there. Find an o-ring that fits the back of it(meaning put it past the threads). When you screw it on, the o-ring will keep a nice tight seal.
what kind of gun is it? if it is the m98c or m98, there were some changes made to the threads and you might have gotten the wrong barrel.
Theres an o-ring already on it and i have a spyder pilot. I think if i can get my o-ring off my stock barrel and put it on my cp , maybe it will work but so far i cant get it off. Also does anyone know how to shorten the lenght(sp) of tripper pull on a spyder pilot?
My shocker does this too. Just put some teflon tape (like they use in plumbing) on the threads. It's caused by the vibration of firing the gun and the tape will absorb the vibrations. Plus it's cheap and easy to redo anytime you need to. No idea about the trigger pull, sorry.
try oiling the threeads heavy duty grease
or something it will make it harder for the gun to spin it itslef ( the barrel)
on the trigger, take the trigger frame off, on the top of the trigger there will be a little set screw, loosen that to make shorter pull. I have my trigger on my nexion on the microswitch so its so light, but now i cant walk as fast, bc theres no room for my trigger to bounce back.
Use a regular tank o ring, thats what I did for my teardrop, it worked pretty well. You just have to stretch it alot. Itll take a few minutes but its worth not having to screw your barrel in in the middle of a game.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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