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tippyninja said:
the length....

sides that the longer the barrel the more accurate, but anything over 16 inches is just puttin unnesacry force on the ball, stay with something in the 12-14 range
Lewis, don't listen to this fool.

A short barrel lets say, 2 inches, will have horrible efficiency and horrible accuracy. The ball accelerates during the first 6-8 inches of the barrel. So if you have a barrel that length or longer, you're fine.

The length of the barrel does not make it more accurate, thats a common myth. It helps with accuracy because the point of referance for where the ball will go is closer to where you want it to go. Long barrels are usually used for airball to push in the bunkers.

A long barrel will not put unnecessary force on the ball, thats the stupidest thing I've ever heard, it will put extra force, but not unnecessary force. Lets say you chrono with a 12 in barrel, then you move it back oh say 4 inches. It will read a lower velocity, thats the velocity it would be if you were to switch barrels to a 16 inch. And would only be around 10fps difference.

So that means the extra force you would have to put on it would only be enough to compensate for that 10 fps loss.

As for barrel length 14-16 is great for any use.
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