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Why do we squeegee our barrels?
To get back our accuracy. Thats granted. but ive decided to let you kids in on a little secret about clean and dirty paintballs. Paintballs don't care about how clean or how dirty your barrel is. its just as happy shooting through nothing as globs of its brethren.

Why do barrel breaks affect our accuracy?
because the paint on the paintball, and when that flies out of the barrel, the wind affects on the uneven surfaces and flings it around. im sure we all have seen the phenonmena of broken paint in our barrels and what it does to the accuracy.

How do you know im right?
when you shoot, does the paintball not fly straight for around 10-12 feet? it flys straight for that distance because it is traveling a little over 200 miles per hour, air hasnt gotten much affect on it YET and it still has all of its original momentum from our barrel.

How to conquer this ball busting problem.
a few ways to do so. you can buy electronic hoppers, but that still leaves that nasty mess in your barrel that you need to clean. so get a squeegee. there are 3 main types of squeegees. the hoppers can make a large difference, they provide paintballs to the breech. this is sort of vital to the whole game of paintball. Q-Loaders and Halo's are the fastest loaders out there, with the warp-feed coming in 2nd to both of them, but the warp feed isnt really a not a loader. Revvy's help a whole lot for the low bps guns. Eggs are good for the mid-level bps guns. while the two i have mentioned (q-loader + halo with v-chip) are good for the paint-ripping super mega-deluxe paintflingers that are used in pro level tournys, but those are i just have my warp feed

the Jerk through, basically a long cable with a swab and discs on the end of one cable you "Jerk" through the barrel. these are pretty cheap, and you can make your own, expect another thread from me on this soon.

the Straight Shot, most common and extremely useful. it is a long stick you depress one side of which allows a disced side to "go limp" (in reality just turn sideways so it can go in the barrel without moving much paint. and you pull it back out again with the depressed end.....un-depressed.....this squeegee is very good for guns that can get bolt sticks. Angels, if their gun gets their bolt stuck on some small shell of a paintball, it can drain the tank in a matter of seconds. ive seen people shove these down their barrel to reset the bolt. good for the on the field quick fix

and that leaves us with the Battle Swab. its a stick, usually two bound together by a rubber "sleeve", with wooly stuff on it to grab paint like a big q-tip. a diffrent version of the battle swab is a barrel buffer. its just like i described....except fuzzy to buff the inside of your barrel to that "Brand New" sheen.

all of these can cost anywhere to $0.99 to $7-8 a pop!

my method of cleaning my barrel after a barrel break (i dont chop, i have a mag ;)) has seemed to me like the best way to get your barrel back up and running.
First you get the straight-shot and run it through there once or twice to get the majority of paint out.
Second the battle swab, run this one for a good 3-4 swipes down the barrel
third i use the barrel buffer for 3-4 swipes to get anything else.
Optional 4. If your barrel has lots of porting and they appear to be paint-colored dots. youll have to do this to get the porting cleared.
4a. remove ALL paintballs from the gun, yes even the one in the breech. (this can be accomplished by turning the gun upsidedown and shaking for the one in the breech to come out.)
4b. place hand over end of barrel
4c. fire 1-2 times to get the gunk blasted out of the holes
4d. turn gun over/put hopper on/get balls back into the gun
4e. lean out and shoot the gun that is gonna bunker you.

just a little periodical on barrel info and squeegees since i didnt see anything on em.

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ty very much. i dont care if its a sticky. i was just practicing writing articles. im talking to josh silverman (assistant-editor of PB2X) and ive decided im gonna write some articles. has one of mine, with two more on the way. (well, the one up is just an interview, but whatever)

so. if anyone has anything they want added to the thread. just say so and ill write it up
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