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I didn't find this in the already stickied thread so I thought I would go ahead and make a post about your personal barrel to paint matches. So I am going to post a list of the most common barrels and then you will post which barrel you have and which paint you use. Afterwards I will go back and edit this post and place the paints next to the barrels that work the best. This way people will quit asking if the Dye Ultralite will work with this paint or this one. :thumup:

Just post the barrel followed by the brand but only if you truely think it is worth atleast a 9/10 for matching. No it semi works or it rolls out sometimes. I am talking about a true match. :sly:

32° Nightstick
32° Quiet Riot
32° Terminator
32° Whisper
ACI Zero Gravity
ACI Phat Performance
APP Firestik
Armson Pro
CMI Barrel
CMI BMF Silencer
CORE Sniper
Crossfire Punishment
CP 1-Piece
DYE Xcel
J&J Ceramic
JT Aluminum
LAPCO Bigshot
Mako 2-Piece
PMI Razor
Smart Parts Progressive
Smart Parts Teardrop
System X Barrel
TASO Winforce
Tippmann Sniper
WDP Infinity
32° Carbon Fiber
ACI Player Kit
AKA Javelin
Armson SSR
Armson Stealth
CORE Series
CP 2-Piece
DYE Ultralite
Empire 4-Piece
Evil Driver
J&J 2-Piece
JT 2-Piece
LAPCO Snapshot
Poison Arrow Lite
Powerlyte Speedline (1 and 2 piece)
Pshyco Ballistics Aradus
Smart Parts All-American
Stiffi Barrel
TASO Stone Cold
Tippmann Werks
WGP Triple Threat
ACI Pro Player Kit
Check-It Dragon
Check-It JR3
DYE Boomstick
DYE Titanium
Hammerhead Barrel
J&J Edge Kit
MacDev Matchstik
Smart Parts Freak Jr.
Tippmann Flatline
Titanium Paintball Longbow
Titanium Paintball Stainless Steel
CP Barrel Kit (Base)
CORE Xcaliber Slayer SA
Empire 7-Piece
Empire 11-Piece
Evil Pipe
Powerlyte Sceptor (3 & 5)
OTP High Precision Kit
Smart Parts Freak Kit (Aluminum Inserts)
Titanium Paintball Longbow Kit
Warped Sportz Dark Series
Warped Sportz Lucky 15
WGP Kaner
WGP Tactical Kaner
CCM Carbon Barrel Kit
CP Barrel Kit (Full & Pro)
Poison Arrow Kit (Standard and Pro)
Smart Parts Freak (SS Inserts)
Stiffi Switch Kit

I know these are in no general order except by price. Because I copied and pasted from P4IN7 B4LLS which I will give credit to.
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