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If any paintball players will be in mid September 2012 around Czech Republic in Europe, they may get interesting paintball experience.

The game is organized by official sporting (Scout-like) organization called Zalesak. The game is played 24 hours continuously (including night game) in large open civillian terrain out of any official paintball or military areas and is approved by local authorities. Unlimited ammunition, two lives per game, approved usage of fighting vehicles (even real armored ones with advantage), non-standard heavy paintball weapons and even deception for victory are real specialities of this game.

As this game is held in different place each year, a privince for this season will be announced on the official website from the registration start on July 1st.

If interested, please check out website Boj o kótu X :: Battle of the X point (English version available) with complete information including detailed English rules and registration form. External and foreign teams are welcome!

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