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Estonian Paintball Federation invites You to participate in Estonian Paintball BigGame 2012. It is the biggest paintball battle in the Baltic countries, which is held yearly in April and in this year the BigGame has its 10th anniversary! The battles take place on April 14th 2012 in Southern Estonia in Võrumaa, close to Latvian border.

Paintballers are showing more and more interest in Estonian BigGame every year and it is growing in numbers, there were 560 players last year. Many foreign players come to Estonia every spring from different countries in Europe and nearby to join the great battles. The chosen playgrounds get lots of credit and good feedback, because the battles are held in old Soviet military bases and on other urban fields. This years playing field is another example, battles are held in a former military base in Nursipalu, South of Estonia.

I can help you to organize transport and accommodation and offer different entertainment programs- tactical shooting, lasergames, motor paintball, archery,karting, climbing, pubs and nightclubs tours.

More information: | Paintball kõikjal Eestis -! Paintball, laserlahing, ronimine!

Or write to me: [email protected]
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