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Just found out at yesterday that North Georgia Military College doesn't allow us to have paintball guns there...we can rent them when we go play an activity, but can't have our own...

With that said, I'm throwing out this feeler to see what I can get for my ion.

Was stock of course, and I added these few upgrades:

-Yella Speed Kit
-Black to Yella Fade Evil Driver Barrel
-Yella NDZ Aluminum Roller Wave Trigger
-Black Shocktek Feedneck
-3000PSI/47 N2
-Black Evolution II Hopper

Alright, they are horrible pics...but here it is so far:

This baby is BRAND NEW (LNIB)! It has literally NEVER touched paint, air, yes but not paint. I've only taken it apart to get on the different body kit.

I can include the stock body kit, along with the stock barrel, and lastly the stock trigger. Batteries included as well.

Email: [email protected]
Location: Canton, NC 28716
1 - 13 of 13 Posts