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Black spyder E-99 with extras cheap

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Selling Black Spyder E-99.

Its in good condition. The gas through forgrip is kind of scratched and so is the 3-a expansion chamber im selling with it, and so is the part that you scew the low presure chamber into. Look at the pics and you will see what i mean, i don't know what its called. Those are the only noticable scratches. The gun works great, i have been using it almost a year after buying it used but now I feel like i like the sport a lot and am looking for a better gun so im selling this one. More specs Below.

Electric Fully automatic gun
Shoots from 5 Balls Per Second up to 13 BPS
3 round burst and 6 round burst

Will come with some aftermarket stuff:
9.6v Java battery and Charger

3-A expansion chamber

Taso Winforce Rifled Barrel

One Elbow
another elbow that is missing one of the tightening nuts and screw, but would be good incase you lost part of the other one or it broke, (basically spare parts, but still usable but would be really loose on the gun)

32degrees 9 piece spring kit

Aftermarket Venturi bolt, which i will ship in the gun. Uses 3 o-rings.

The stock Bolt will come but with it but i have used the o-rings on it so it doesn't have them.

This will come in the box but its pretty beat up from the guy I bought the gun from, Has the use manual.

The Spyder barrel plug it came with is missing on of the o-ring, not really a big deal, its not a vital part, in fact i never used it because my gun was never put together unless i was standing on the field.

Any questions pm Me

Im asking $130 + shipping
pm me with possible offers


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please check your pm ill take it if its still available
Still for sale, and i decided if you live in the 48 continental states i will do $140 shipped if you want.
Anyone? I had huge numbers of people intersted the other day, now none? maybe i need to wait for more people to be interested.
STill up people. Im still up for offers.

if your intereted even the slightest pm
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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