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Hey everyone, I have a VSC Phantom in mint condition. I am mainly looking for trades but will accept cash offers if they are right.

-15 Round Horizonal Feed
-Black Parts
-45 Block w/ Hogue Grips
-Dye Stickies
-M16 Grip (Note: T-Stock will not work with this)
-Silver Trigger Shoe
-CCI 12 Gram Changer
-Vert Air
*CCI T-Stock
*2 Ronin Wrist straps for either 12gram CO2's or feedtubes
*3.5oz CO2 with smart parts on/off
*20-10 round tubes
*44 12gram CO2 cartidges

IMG tags arn't working so go to for full size pictures.



*I do NOT ship first
*I do not deal with immature people. Please type in English
*Post here before contacting me
*I only accept Paypal, if your going to buy it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts