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I would like to congratulate Capitol Punishment on their winning entry for BlackCat's "Be the Producer!" Contest.

I would like to say that we received MANY great entries for this contest.

This contest was such a big success that we plan on doing it again next year. This will give everyone a chance to really think hard on it and have plenty of time to write one.

Picking a winner was not an easy thing to do let me tell you.

Their submission, "JIHAD: An American Nightmare" was very well written and structured.

Congratulations and we hope everyone on the east coast will turn out at Lumpy's in May to support them.

Their story can be viewed here:

You can leave them feedback and congratulations here:;act=ST;f=70;t=1333;st=0;&#entry22480

A little about Capitol Punishment:
Based in the Washington D.C. area, Capitol Punishment is a team of unique individuals who have combined their talents, strengths, and knowledge to create a team dedicated to the domination of the sport of scenario paintball.

As a team, Capitol Punishment is dedicated to promoting the positive image of the sport of paintball and the sense of fair play that is the norm for today's players. We have absolute loyalty to each other and the side we play for, while still enjoying the comradery and friendly atmosphere that scenario paintball promotes.

Born from the minds of co-founders Bettis and Phelan, Capitol Punishment has rapidly grown from a weekend stunt to an absolute addiction. As this team grows, so will its accomplishments. For now, total world domination is our ultimate goal.

For more information about Capitol Punishment be sure to visit their website,

Congratulations Capitol Punishment!
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