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this is a 24 hour scenario game in Strasburg, VA

April 22nd-23rd 2006
By Jonthon Foust
The screens in the GI Joe command center were glowing with their dim green auras as Snake Eyes and Scarlet walked into the room. The technicians were busy monitoring different parts of the globe, their faces shrouded by fatigue but their eyes sharp and keen for any sign of Cobra threat.
In the center of the room a powerful figure surveyed the day’s reports with a frown on his chiseled face. His blonde eyebrows arched slightly as he turned the page.
“Scarlet and Snake Eyes reporting as ordered, sir,” the female officer said as she approached the duty officer and his reports. Her red hair rested like an animate creature on her shoulder, glinting healthily even in this dim light.
The duty officer turned to the two soldiers before him. “We have reports of Cobra activity inside the US, Scarlet. Intel says that they’re working with some local terrorist cells to try and disrupt communications and commerce. That’s what Intel says. My gut says that communications is only the start. I think that they’re planning something much bigger. Once the communications net is down they will make their big play. We’re sending in a team to make sure that never happens.”
“Sounds good.” Scarlet said with a satisfied smirk. “Who’s leading the team?”
“I am,” Duke, the duty officer, said. “And my XO should be here any time.” The door to the room slid open with a swoosh and in walked a tall dark man with a black beret and button-up shirt to match. His sleeves were rolled rakishly up, and a pair of black leather gloves curled into fists at the end of his powerful arms.”

“Flint,” Scarlet said, extending a hand. “Good to be working with you again.”
“Always a pleasure,” he replied with a smile.

Meanwhile, in Cobra’s underground base, another meeting was taking place.
“DESTRO!” Cobra Commander wailed at the top of his lungs. “Destro come in here this instant!”
Destro strode coolly into the main chamber, the bright lights of the throne room reflecting off of his chrome mask. He stopped before the hooded throne of Cobra Commander. “You summoned?”
“Destro, are the microwave disrupters in place yet?”
“We are moving them into position now, My Commander.”
“Excellent. Soon we will activate the Net of Silence and all communications within two hundred miles will be shut down. Then, we will have free reign to execute my Master Plan. Soon, all the world will belong to COBRA!”
“There is a complication, Cobra Commander. The JOEs are mobilizing a strike force to try and intercede. If they find out about our true intentions here…”
“They will NOT find out! Mobilize my Cobra troopers. Full alert status. We will crush the JOEs and send the whole region into the black abyss of stunned silence. First, the US, tomorrow… the WORLD!”
Cost for this event: $45 pre-registered by April 5th, 2006
$60 April 6th, 2006 through event

Paint Costs: $75 per 2,000 round case of Karnage Premium (Tear)
$65 per 2,000 round case of Karnage Recreational Grade (Bite)

*Pre-register by April 1st and receive a $5 discount off your first case of paint and be entered into a special drawing to win a Paintball Marker, a case of event paint and a pass to another BlackCat Event.

please come out and support Blackcat!! If you have any questions please go to :D thanks!!
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