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Go to it. Support Blind Guardian. Buy merch. I'm going to the Kansas date, and hopefully they play a buncha stuff from Imaginations From the Other Side and Somewhere Far Beyond. Anyone else goin when it hits their town?

¡Viva La Rob!
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tour dates:

2006-11-08 USA Tempe, AZ
2006-11-09 USA San Diego, CA
2006-11-10 USA Santa Ana, CA
2006-11-11 USA Los Angeles, CA
2006-11-12 USA San Francisco, CA
2006-11-14 Canada Vancouver, B.C.
2006-11-15 USA Seattle, WA
2006-11-17 USA Salt Lake City, UT
2006-11-18 USA Englewood, CO
2006-11-19 USA Lawrence, KS
2006-11-22 USA Minneapolis, MN
2006-11-23 USA Chicago, IL
2006-11-24 USA Cleveland, OH
2006-11-25 USA Detroit, MI
2006-11-26 Canada Toronto, ON
2006-11-28 Canada Quebec City
2006-11-29 Canada Montreal
2006-11-30 USA New York City, NY
2006-12-01 USA Worcester, MA
2006-12-02 USA Philadelphia, PA
2006-12-04 USA Springfield, VA
2006-12-05 USA Charlotte, NC
2006-12-07 USA Orlando, FL
2006-12-08 USA Atlanta, GA
2006-12-09 USA New Orleans, LA
2006-12-10 USA Houston, TX
2006-12-11 USA Austin, TX

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I'd recommend it. Get the older stuff first, it's the best IMO. Stuff like Somewhere Far Beyond and Imaginations From The Other Side is my favorite. This new stuff is good though from what I"m hearin.
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