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iv got a 2k3 blue vf cocker wit a bunch of stuff on it. iv gottin up to 13-14bps on this gun it rips for a mech. im lookin to get somtin else cause i kinda want somtin electro.i have pix so jus im me or email me at [email protected] . here are the specs on it

blue 2k3 vf cocker
-black magic barrel
-cp inline regulator
-nexus kit(very hard to find) which has
-eclipse ram
-eclipse quick exaust valves
-eclipse dart all delrin bolt
-eclipse dailar kit
-eclipse valve( which also makes the gun use a lot less air)
-kapp blue drop that maches the gun
-kapp on/off (chrome)
-wgp hinge trigger frame wit a mad trigger job
-the timing is set pretty much as perfect as it can get
-all the stock parts and a few extras

this gun has over 750 dollars into it

if ur interested post here or im me im always on aim

ill take money offers or trades all offers will be looked at so don be afraid to offer anything the worst i can say is no

contact me
aim-ratballer12 ill be on either one
[email protected]

thanx for ur intrest
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