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blue icon E (same as e-99) package with ups.

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***READ IT ALL.****

i bought a pump gun and loved it, so now i am selling both my guns to buy a phantom. I have a blue icon E (120)with: smoke empire reloader (50), 16" matching cp 2 piece(70), 20 oz. co2(20), remote line (20) in all it cost me $280. I just bought a bunch of extra screws, that are silver (look better) and use a screwdriver instead of allen wrench. If you need a barrel plug i can give you one of those too. you can buy it without the remote, or you can buy the remote seperatly if u want too. MY ASKING PRICE IS $140 OBO . the co2 and remote line are optional and i can take off money if you don't want one or the other. here's a pretty crappy pic,

keep in mind the blue is darker than in pic. this is excactly the same as an e-99 except with a newer ball detent, and a 2 screw drop forward, so you don't have to buy an adapter, if u want a new drop it has fully auto and six burts and all that.. i've had this gun since october 2003. I did used to have problems with the lpr leaking, but we put some teflon tape on it, and it has worked perfectly last 4 days of pb since then. don't think the 20 oz. is too big either, it fits perfect on the drop. besides that it includes the allen wrenches it came with and it has a recharable battery, that's about it. oh and i did otter's low pressure mod on the vertical adapter. it makes it a lower pressure, for less ball breaks and more accurate shots.

for feedback, my names are xblackstar182 and blackstar182 on ebay. i also did business with ventturei26
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i will give u 115 for it.. or i have a spyder xtra for sale will throw in cash..take thremote and the other thing away..dont want it..
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