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i got the blue screen of death saying there was a system error about 35% through downloading return to castle wolfienstein (sp). after restarting i didnt resume download and just went along with my business, but only for maybe ten minutes until i got the blue screen again.

after that restart i deleted the non working download of the game, and did a system restore to saturday at 11pm. i got the same screen atleast 2 times since then, and now am on my moms account on here. so far so good, but thats what i said every other time.

whats my next move? i could easily reformat, but i lose all my files.
if i did reformat id like to get a new harddrive, because im not too sure how old the one i have is.
if i were to go that route what would you recommend? ide or sata? my board came with the sata cables i just didnt have a sata harddrive, whats the advantage of one? can one be had locally for $50 or less?

i took a few pictures of the last screen i got:
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