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I have for sale a used, all black SP Ion. I bought this as a fixer upper and it's almost done.

The previous owner assured me it only had stripped asa mounting screws. Well, he lied. It needed a brand new bolt and board.

I helicoiled the asa mounting screws, no problem there now, and bought a brand new bolt, no more leaking. However, in case you couldn't guess from the title, it still needs a board. This is the perfect chance for you to put an aftermarket board in it or pick up a new/like new stock one from PbN for $20ish.
It is also missing one grip screw, not a big deal.

The upgrades it has are:
CCM lowrise 'neck
Virtue QEV
CP Blade roller trigger

It has over $100 in upgrades and new parts, but I'm only looking to get back what I invested in fixing it up thus far.

Price stock:$115 + shipping
Price upped:$180+ shipping

Shipping will be via USPS Priority from 24506

The pics below are of it with above upgrades. I will not part out the upgrades until I have a commited and paid buyer of the stock Ion.

If you need feeback, I have over 100 among PbN, SCP, and eBay. Leave a post or PM with any questions or concerns. Thanks for looking!
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