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Hello, I'm new here but not to paintball. I had a team a few years go and played in local tournaments in NY. It's been years since I've played and really don't see myself playing anytime soon. Needless to say I can't afford it. I am thinking of selling my beloved Bob Long 2K5 style Naughty Dog Limited Edition (Rare now) Intimidator, Red-Black fade. Before hanging it up to collect dust couple years ago it worked beatifully. Can't test it now because my old tank probably shouldn't be tried out. Though it should be cleaned thoroughly and lubed up before using it. Last, the marker is in fantastic condition, considering age.

Addition's installed:
-Virtue Board (invaluable IMO, many modes including legit tournament modes like x-ball)
-Virtue Eye System (Came with Board, to keep up)
-Virute Grips (With window for Board's LED display)
-Virtue Custom Buttons (3 buttons for Virtue Board use)
-Hybrid Adjustable Ram Cap (Red)
-CP Adjustable Inline Regulator (Red)
-Dye Mini-Gauge (On CP Reg, Black)
-14in Freak Barrel System (Black Back with Red Tip)
-NDZ Locking Neck Feed (Red)
-All Delrin short Bolt (No O-rings)
-CP Rake Style Trigger (Black), Roller-Bearing I Think, Can't remember lol


I am thinking of selling on Ebay but don't know what I can get for it, so I don't know what to list it for. The more the better. I think I should get a decent amount considering the parts included, it rarity, and great condition. Any appraisal help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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