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My two Timmys:
First one is my 2K5'd Texas Storm Timmy. It has a Frenzy 110 LCD, full Alias wiring in a true Alias frame with an Empire trigger guard and Empire Grip panels, WAS eyes, Evil front block, Ironman LPR, Sidewinder HPR, Empire poppet, CCM feedneck, MagneticCP trigger, Hybrid adjustable ram cap, and a different slotted bolt of some sort as the upgrades/changes. And is soon to have a true Alias front block and LPR (need to tap the body)

Second is my Uber Classic Timmy. It has a LP mod/volumizer, 2K2 clamshell frame with Entropy and LCD, Magnetic Function trigger, Hybrid adjustable ram cap, 2K2 bolt, WAS eyes, CCM feedneck, CP snatch grip, 2K2 eye covers and Egro HPR as the upgrades/changes.


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Bob Long Intimidator Ripper 1
Pepper stick 16 Inch 4 backs
Crossfire 68cu 4500 psi
Empire Reloder B

Here are the detail specs of the marker.

Alias Frame
Critical Trigger With magnets
Alias LPR Housing
Bob Long Volumizer
Hybrid Lpr Reg housing
Cp HPR Regulator
NDZ On/OFF With NDZ Rail
CP Ram Adjuster
PBK Snake Skin bolt
CCM Low rise
Hybrid Grenade Grips
Empire pressure balance valve
Tribal eye cover
Redz pepper stick 16' Inch front
Pbk hard detents
Pbk hard ram bumper
Custom Anodizing
Frenzy 127.4 PSP, NPPL

And here are the detail specs of the hopper.

Empire reloder
Critical rip drive
Delrium drive cup
Delrium spring cup
Speed Feed
SPO Finish


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