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Hey a friend of mine is havin a huge party and theres gonna be a big boxing tournament and everyone wants me to make a video of it. So what i was wonderin is if you guys knew of any good music i could put in the background.
I want like a rock type of music that will go good with the fighting. I like the music i hear in some of the FON paintball vids but i dont know what they are.

So if you know any good music jus list it

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you need lyricless music.. hmm..

well.. all my lyricless music is ****ed..

but try

prodigy - breathe
the chemical brothers - block rockin beats

some with lryics and loud fast metal..

queens of the stoneage - millionaire
mudvayne - dig
mudvayne - not falling
system of a down.. theres a few
kittie - brackish
kittie - spit
sugar ray - cash
sugar ray - right direction (sugar ray used to be kick ass.. this isnt pop crap)
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